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The Blue and White Porcelain of the Buddha Guanyin-Appreciation | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

The Blue and White Porcelain of the Buddha Guanyin-Appreciation

The beauty of the blue-and-white flower lies in taking people.Compared with the later blue flowers, it is different from the blue one.The blue is very bright, like sapphire attached to the white jade-like porcelain, as if there is a vitality to be endowed with objects, the beauty is shocking.

Blue-and-white porcelain, also known as white blue-and-white porcelain, is often referred to as blue-and-white, Chinese ceramic firing process treasures.Is one of the mainstream varieties of Chinese porcelain, under the glaze color porcelain.Blue and white porcelain is a cobalt ore containing cobalt oxide as raw material, on the ceramic body painted decorative, and then covered with a transparent glaze, high-temperature reduction flame once fired.Cobalt is blue after firing and has the characteristics of strong coloring, bright color, high firing rate and stable color.The original blue-and-white porcelain appeared in the Tang and Song Dynasties, and the mature blue-and-white porcelain appeared in the lake of Jingdezhen in Yuan Dynasty.

Height: 51.5cm-basal diameter 22.5cm


This Guanyin Buddha blue-and-white porcelain is of complex shape and larger shape.Its fetal quality is soft and delicate, after burning the body to expand slightly, therefore the whole is strong, the hand feel is a little thick.Glazed white in the green, crystal warm, touch a little wave wave feeling.Rough bottom, overall shape feel strong atmosphere.The open face is round, peaceful, the line of the hand is graceful and graceful, the clothing fittings is gorgeous and tedious, the formal sitting, shows a solemn, sacred, calm, calm artistic conception.The blue-and-white painted brush is as fine as winding water, while the rough one is as free as water and ink painting, the fine part is as faint as water and ink painting, the most thick part of the ink has the effect of blue-and-purple or even iron rust spots, which is enough to see the exquisite workmanship.This instrument combines blue and white painting with carving, printing, porcelain molding and other techniques to give full play to the blue and white art effect.The cut lines are rough and powerful, and the printed lines are round and durable.Each piece of decoration seems to be at will to sprinkle hand-picked, never hesitate to stop, there is not a dull and dull.

Blue and white porcelain inMing and Qing DynastiesTo reach the peak and the decline of the period, Ming Yongle, Xuande period is a blue-and-white porcelain development of a peak, noted for its exquisite production;Qing Kangxi period with “colorful blue-and-white” blue-and-white porcelain to the peak;After Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty, because of the development of Pink-colored Porcelain, it gradually declined. Although it was in the late Qing Dynasty (Guangxu), it could not continue the prosperity of Kangxi Dynasty.

As the saying goes, “It is better to hide one piece of green flowers than to leave a box of gold.”The collection of blue and white porcelain is the highest realm that collectors yearn for, and is praised by countless collectors as a perfect combination of five elements and the unity of heaven and man.In recent years, blue-and-white porcelain has been particularly popular.