The world’s most expensive three blue-and-white porcelain, three auction prices are over a billion, one more than 700 million!


Blue-and-white porcelain has always been the hegemony of Chinese porcelain, priceless, valuable, especially with the Yuanqing story of the most precious porcelain characters, the world has only 8 pieces, pieces are difficult to find.The three most expensive blue-and-white porcelain in the world, the first and second in the list, are all of the original blue-and-white story porcelain, all of which cost more than $1 billion at auction, and are worth more than $700 million at the top.

Third, Ming Yongle Qinghua flower-and-fruit pattern bottle auction time:2011 transaction price: 1686.6 million Hong Kong dollars (about 148 million RMB) Ming Yongle blue-and-white flower-and-fruit pattern bottle set a new record for the Ming Dynasty porcelain world auction.Ming Yongle’s blue-and-white porcelain is imported Su Ma Li green material, very precious, can be called the peak of Chinese porcelain.This china is just the right size, with a variety of designs and fresh.

Second, the Yuan Qinghua ghost valley down the hill picture jar auction time:2005 transaction price: 15688,000 pounds (about 230 million yuan) the world’s last eight Yuan blue and white characters story one of the porcelain, this Yuan Qinghua porcelain painting delicate and vivid, the composition is complete, is a rare treasure.

The first, Yuan Qing Hua Xiao He month after the Hanxin Tumei bottle auction time:2011 transaction price:840 million Hong Kong dollars (about 737 million RMB) is also the Yuan Qing Hua character story porcelain, this Yuan Qing Xiao He month after the Han Xin Tumei bottle is one of the three Chinese porcelain. There are only 3 pieces in the world,1 collection in Nanjing Museum, Jiangsu Province.This blue-and-white porcelain plum vase is more than 800 years old, with a unique variety of blue-and-white patterns and a high level of firing.