little knowledge of blue and white porcelain.

Blue-and-white porcelain is now the more common but more popular porcelain in society.The blue-and-white porcelain in the market is a variety of, the price difference is also very big.As a new-rising porcelain, blue-and-white porcelain is very popular with consumers, in the high-end business gift market also has a very large development space.

Blue-and-white porcelain is a fashionable and ancient-style color porcelain, blue-and-white porcelain is a favorite of many people, also known as white blue-and-white porcelain, often referred to as blue-and-white, is one of the mainstream Chinese porcelain varieties, under the glaze color porcelain.Blue and white porcelain is a cobalt ore containing cobalt oxide as raw material, on the ceramic body painted decorative, and then covered with a transparent glaze, high-temperature reduction flame once fired.Since everybody likes blue-and-white porcelain so much, how much do you know about blue-and-white porcelain?What is the history of blue-and-white porcelain?

The blue-and-white porcelain in Tang Dynasty was at the beginning of blue-and-white porcelain.Tang Qinghua after the initial period, and did not develop rapidly, but to decline.So far, we can only see Song Qinghua from two Taki site unearthed more than 10 pieces of porcelain.The mature blue-and-white porcelain appeared in Jingdezhen in Yuan Dynasty.

Because of the binary formula of “porcelain stone + kaolin”, the Al2O3 content in the tire was increased, the firing temperature was raised, and the deformation rate was reduced during the roasting process.Most of the body of the body is therefore thick, the shape is thick and full.The fetal color is slightly gray, yellow, the fetal quality is loose.The bottom glaze is divided into two kinds of white and egg white, opacification is strong.Its use of blue materials include domestic materials and imported materials two: domestic materials for high manganese low iron-type blue material, bluish gray black;Imported material for low manganese high-iron type green material, green and rich color, rust marks.In part of the artifacts, but also domestic materials and imported materials used.The utility model mainly has the daily utensils, the supplies, the graveyards and so on, especially takes the bamboo knot high foot cup, the bearing apparatus, the graveholder most has the time characteristic.Except the jade pot spring bottom foot swing glaze, other utensils base more sand bottom does not have glaze, sees flint red.

Now the production of blue-and-white porcelain technology has improved, people made blue-and-white porcelain products are no longer so simple.The most characteristic of the motif of Yuanqing flower is that the composition is plump and multi-level.So many other products made of blue-and-white porcelain are also very popular.For example, the following blue-and-white porcelain pen: the beginning of the beginning of the world, the air of the clear floating into the sky, heavy to the ground.Heaven and earth in the time of the Dragon Tengyou the four seas, sprinkling Gan Lin wide spread of Xiangyun.The foot of the dragon, for Jiuzhou, the heart of the dragon, for the nation to place hope, the soul of the dragon, for China to write chapter, the bone of the dragon, for China to cast the backbone!The surging Yellow River, rolling the Yangtze River, is the blood of the dragon gurgling flow;Five lakes and seas, three mountains and five mountains, millions of miles around a beautiful side.