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Blue and white porcelain pillows! | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

Blue and white porcelain pillows!

Blue-and-white porcelain, as a popular market for porcelain collections, attracts many collectors with its bright colors, implicit and restrained shape.Blue-and-white porcelain was first created in the Tang Dynasty, and since then all dynasties have produced blue-and-white flowers, because each dynasty has its own unique culture, art, and production of blue-and-white flowers are not the same, with some cultural and artistic characteristics of the dynasty.

The vein pillow first appeared in the Tang Dynasty, which evolved from porcelain pillow of bedding.Traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis needs pulse, the old Chinese medicine often will a vein pillow pad under the patient’s wrist, and then with three fingers to the patient’s wrist in the hole, to explore the changes of pulse.The role of the vein pillow is to expose the patient’s inch-by-foot position clearly, but also to help the doctor to sense the pulse.

The blue-and-white porcelain pillows are rectangular with lion pattern on them. The two lions are symmetrical in the ball. The lines are smooth and the shape is vivid.This collection has an opening on one side, in fact, this is to burn when convenient heat dissipation, avoid blue-and-white porcelain pillows in the high temperature expansion and explosion of the export left deliberately.The whole porcelain is exquisite, the modelling is exquisite, the appearance is perfect, the craft is consummate, for the collection good article, has the very high collection value.