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Play with porcelain so many years, blue and white porcelain on the allusions, you understand? | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

Play with porcelain so many years, blue and white porcelain on the allusions, you understand?

“Green is the most expensive, the second-class color goods.”

Blue-and-white porcelain is elegant, delicate and unique style,

It should be consistent with the cultural character and aesthetic taste of the Chinese people.

Spring Festival Night Yan Tao Li Yuan prefaced blue and white pen sea

The Preface of Peach Garden for Spring Night Feast, also known as the Preface of Peach Garden for Spring Night Feast, was written by Li Bai, a poet of the Tang Dynasty.Li Bai and his cousins wrote poems at a banquet on a spring night, and wrote a preface to it. The article, in a clear, new and elegant style and in a free-turning style, described the story of Li Bai’s love for life, which was expressed in a passionate way by the author and all of his cousins who had gathered in the peach garden to write poems about Tianlun. Love life pursuit and positive and optimistic attitude to life.

ichthyized dragon plate

In Chinese traditional culture, both fish and dragon are ancient mascots.Because of the interconnectedness of the appearance (the dragon has fish scales, tail fins and dorsal fins), the interconnectedness of functions (all aquatic animals are worshipped as gods of rain) and the interconnectedness of cultural connotations (all are the mascots of many sons and become folk beggars), In ancient times, fish and dragons often appeared together, and there was a relationship between them.

Traditional moral embellishment.Also called “fish dragon change”.Fish turns into dragons.”Feng Shi Wen Xi Ji volume 2:” So the contemporary to Jinshi Dengke for the Longmen. “” Li Bai “and Han Jingzhou Book”: “One Deng Longmen, will be a hundred times the price.” “” Pipa Ji · Nanpu specification “:” The child out in today, Daddy and Mom to send, I hope to fish into dragon, green clouds straight up. “The patterns are generally made up of fish and dragons, meaning good luck and prosperity.

Yu Hualonɡ

It is a kind of dragon of leading fish body, also is a kind of “fish dragon change” form, from folk custom, legend to change, its historical origin is long, can be traced back to prehistoric Yangshao culture-Banpo type period fish totem worship, “The western scriptures of the Great Wilderness” have the early transition form of the fish into the dragon,” north of the wind path, the great water spring of heaven, and the snake into fish. “Dragon is the deified snake worm, “overseas South Jing” cloud: “worm for snake, snake for fish.” Folk long ago there is the saying of ichthyosaurus.”Confucius family language” record: Confucius is happy with your son, Lu Zhaogong with carp as a reward, Confucius named his son carp, the word Bo fish.According to Chang ‘an Rao, “the big fish in the East China Sea turned into a dragon” and the common carp skipped over the dragon gate.As early as in the late Shang Dynasty, this shape appeared in jade carving and developed in the art of the past dynasties.

Export products, Fengyi Pavilion, blue and white large market

The story of Feng Yi Ting is based on “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, also known as” Dressing and throwing halberds”, which tells the story of Diao Chan and Lu Bu meeting together in Feng Yi Ting and being smashed by Dong Zhuo.After the Fengyiting incident, Dong and Lv completely turned against each other, and Lv Bu made up his mind to kill Dong Zhuo

Lv Bu took advantage of Dong Zhuo to go up, peek at Diao Chan, and invited Diao Chan to meet in Fengyi Pavilion, Diao Chan to Lv Bu to cry about the pain of being occupied by Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu was very dissatisfied with Dong Zhuo, and there was resentment against Dong Zhuo.As it happened, Dong Zhuo returned to his home. Seeing this, he grabbed the halberd and made his way to Lub, who ran away.Feng Yi Ting from mutual suspicion, Wang Yun said Dong Zhuo occupied Diaochan really should not, Lu Bu and Wang Yun plan to remove Dong Zhuo together, waiting for Dong Zhuo ready to usurp the throne the day, Lu suddenly defected to kill Dong Zhuo.

Blue and white eighteen baccalaureate picture mallet bottle

The stick hammer bottle is also called the treasure character bottle, takes Kangxi Qinghua as the best, Kangxi Qinghua also takes the character as the best.This piece is a typical feature of Kangxi period. It has a long neck and a convex chord in the middle. It has a wall-mount pattern, a lower scroll, Ruyi, a bead-like pattern, a floating cloud between the neck and shoulder, a sloping shoulder, a long abdomen and a straight figure picture. The subject matter is drawn from the historical story, Dongshi in the Ming Dynasty prints. Liu Shu, the screen of the rice points of the painting style see obvious Kangxi characteristics, fine figure painting, such as single clothes, white line fine and smooth, facial outline fine pen, full of charm, eye shape if no beads but better than beads, really exquisite, no wonder later generations to comment on the figure of porcelain painting to Kangqing best, Never before, never since.Antique line with Kangxi porcelain wall-pile for the top quality, this decoration has wall-pile pattern, it is really a fine product.

Blue and white red character story chart

Blue and white characters story plate, the Palace Museum.The heart of the blue-and-white painting character story.The story is based on the scene in the legend of the Ming Dynasty.With white glaze applied in the bottom circle, the center of the outer bottom of the two circles of green flowers inside the board, “Daming into a new year,” six-character double-line sustenance

The first half of “The Red Futter” depicts Li Jing, the Red Flip Girl, and the curly-bearded guest worship, becoming the famous” wind and dust “in history.Qiu-bearded guest has always been the ambition of the emperor, heard that taiyuan shi-min “emperor’s gas”, specifically came to see the end.Once met, the curly bearded guest by Li Shimin’s heroic submission, thus gave up his ambition.In the pan, the next scene of the story is depicted: a few days later, Mr. and Mrs. Li were feasted at home. After dinner, the servant took out more than 20 large boxes and gave all his wealth to Mr. Li, giving him the ability to help him win the world.

Blue and white four concubines sixteen picture pot Qing Kang Xi (1662-1722 Palace Museum collection)

The “four concubines sixteen picture”, also known as” garden baby play picture “, is one of the common subjects of porcelain figure painting in Ming and Qing dynasties.The use of this theme expresses a kind of prosperity, political harmony, family happiness, multi-sons and grandchildren of auspicious meaning, but also reflects the people’s desire for a better life and persistent pursuit.

Tales of the Three Kingdoms of Qinghua and the Palace Museum

The plot of “Empty City Plan” in “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” is painted with heart and soul.

Zhuge Liang sat in the tower, leisurely Fuqin under the view.Outside the gate Sima Yi riding horse rate to all people, a gate-boy inside the gate to lead it into the city.The picture is vivid and fascinating.

Qinghua Spring Festival Feast Peach Li Yuan character picture pen

a pen-holder with a hole-and-stone tree;On the other side of the painting, four high scholars sitting in front of the long case drinking poetry, the picture above: “the reward has not been, high talk to turn clear, open Qiongyan to sit flowers, flying feathers and head and drunk month, there are no good works, He Shen Yaihuai, such as poetry failed to punish the number of Jingu wine.”The poem is excerpted from the second half of the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai’s Preface to Peach Li Garden in Spring and Night Feast.The picture depicts Li Bai and his friends gathering on a spring night, drinking and giving poems.

Pencil is cylindrical, mouth bottom similar, straight wall, jade-like bottom, the bottom of the center of white glaze no money.The body is thick and the enamel is delicate and moist.The green flower hair color is rich and bright, is Kang Xi’s typical emerald blue.This pen box poetry and painting combination, one side painting Li Bai and three five friends garden night banquet, the picture is accompanied by the Tang Dynasty Li Bai’s” spring night banquet TaoLi Yuan preface “:” husband heaven and earth, all things travel. Time, a hundred generations of visitors. And floating like a dream, for happy geometry? The ancients of the night travel, good also. Kuang Yangchun called me to smoke, a large block of fake I to article. Peach Li Fong Garden, Sushi Tianlun happy thing. The season Junxiu, all for the well-connected. I sing songs, alone health. Revelation has not been, high talk to turn clear. Opening Qiongyan to sit flowers, flying feather cup and intoxicate the moon. No good work, He Shen Yayai Huai? “If the poem fails, the punishment depends on the number of Jingu wine.” In the picture, “Shi Xian” Li Bai and friends around the banquet side, the garden, lanterns hanging high, bright moon, three or five confidants, drinking open, or advice to drink, or waiting, or holding a long scroll, about to drop ink, around the stone trees to meet each other, The figure looks vivid, the posture is different, the blue and white hair color is rich, the brushwork is delicate and fresh, vividly demonstrated a poet the moon night to make a poem, drinks the wine pleasant scene.

The blue-and-white pen holder is the most typical kind of porcelain variety in Kangxi period. The common decoration subjects include the pictures of the seven sages of bamboo groves, the literati, and the visiting friends with the qin, as well as the words” Chi Bi Fu “,” Teng Wang Ge “and” Tu Shi Te Te Tuan “. This pen combines the poems and paintings with the paintings in the poems. No matter the description of the characters, or the shawl of the scenery, and the writing of the poems, there is no exception to the unique charm of Kangxi blue-and-white porcelain, whether from the style, theme, decoration, calligraphy, this pen can be regarded as a representative work of Kangxi Dynasty.”Yin Liuzhai said porcelain, said that the sixth,” said: “the book long into the text, all of the book is recorded, writing out of danger, Chu, Junkang Yao Zheng.”

Wang Zhaojun’s Thoughts on Homeland

After the attack, Zhaojun was given the title of “Ninghu Xuan Shi” (Wang’s wife), the unity and harmony of the Han and Hun ethnic groups, the peace of the State and the people, “the border city Yan closed, Niu Ma Bu Ye, the third no barking police, Li Shu forgot the battle of Gan Ge”, such a scene of peace lasted 50 years.

Language is not clear, living habits are different, Zhaojun homesickness is human nature.The picture shows Zhaojun’s homesickness perfectly with a flower, a stool, a piano and a candle.Some of the details in the picture are worth repeating: a lotus flower adorned on the railing, not a water lotus, but a terracotta plant growing on the Mongolian steppe, which points to the presence of Wang Zhaojun, who plays the main picture, in the Huns;Look at the chair that Wang Zhaojun sits again and the musical instrument that plays is a bit special, the chair that sits is called “Ma Zha”, namely the “Hu bed” of the Huns, nomadic people use this kind of foldable hand-over chair, carry convenient.In the picture, Wang Zhaojun is sitting on the back of the Mazar, may be used by the aristocracy;The instrument played is not like the pipa, but also similar to the pipa, this instrument called the mongolian “fire do not think”.Legend has it that in Zhaojun out of the road, once played immediately the pipa, pipa rapid melody, caused Hu’s curiosity, then Wang Zhaojun’s pipa played bad, Hu people on the imitation of it made a “pipa”, but did not like and rough, since then there is” nothing like “the name.Yu Yan in Song Dynasty wrote that “Wang Zhaojun’s lute is bad and remade by Hu people, and his shape is small, Zhaojun said with a smile: ‘Hun is not like’ (completely unlike the meaning), and now it is’ He Bisi ‘.This is now the “fire do not think”.

The exuberance of Chinese art investment market benefits from the economic revitalization brought by reform and opening-up, and from the people’s urgent pursuit of spiritual life.The popularity of the art market is inseparable from people’s love of China’s ancient culture, which is a driving force and a pressure. We look forward to this short article that will benefit all readers who love China’s ancient culture. I hope this short essay will bring some basic knowledge to our colleagues.However, due to the limitation of level and time, there are still paper leaks and deficiencies in the article. Please advise by collectors and experts