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The outstanding of blue and white porcelain: the artistic charm of Xuande blue and white | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

The outstanding of blue and white porcelain: the artistic charm of Xuande blue and white

The outstanding of blue and white porcelain: the artistic charm of Xuande blue and white

Longteng Antique City 2017-3-22

blue-and-white pine and plum incense burner

The Ming Dynasty Xuande porcelain refers to (1426-1435 AD, the Ming Xuanzong Zhu Zhanji Nian) during the Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln factory fired porcelain, to the blue and white most famous, because of its fine and pure quality of the fetus, glaze layer moisture calm, glaze crystal bright bright, colorful decorative and well-known, Compared with the blue-and-white porcelain of other dynasties in the Ming Dynasty, its firing technology reached its highest peak and became one of China’s famous porcelain products.

blue-and-white bamboos and plums

This period not only the product quality of the official kiln is extremely fastidious, the quantity of the limited civilian kiln product is also very fine, quite has the elegant style.In general, Xuande porcelain is of high artistic and economic value, and the burning of delicate blue-and-white porcelain has been highly appraised in later generations, even exceeding that of the Yongle period. In view of the great achievements of Xuande porcelain, the later generations competed to imitate it, especially the Qing Dynasty Kangxi. In Yongzheng period, the level of imitation was the highest, with Xuande Qinghua as the blue-based, carefully burned, the shape, size, and decoration are very similar to the original, with Xuande Qinghua flavor.

Cupping pot with entwined branches and lotus grain

For example, Kangxi morning imitation Xuande green flower lady’s pattern bowl, tangled branch pattern bowl, folded branch flower and fruit pattern mouth bowl, tangled branch pattern fish basket Zun, sea water unusual animal pattern high foot cup; Yong Zheng morning imitation Xuande green flower bamboo and stone banana leaf pattern jade pot spring vase, flower and fruit pattern plum vase, flower grain pattern book light, group dragon pattern sunflower style washing, The sea water dragon pattern celestial ball bottle, the ribbon ear gourd bottle, the morning glory four square set horn bottle; Qianlong to imitate Xuande blue flower brocade cover pot, the phoenix wears the pattern pot, the pine bamboo plum figure grain plate, the lotus dish, the flower and fruit pattern holds the pot and so on, has reached the false disorderly degree, Some imitations are even more exquisite than Xuande porcelain itself.

blue-and-white figure-tattooed high-foot bowl

blue-and-white entwined lotus cover can

Blue and white morning glory pattern tetragonal angle bottle

Cyclobalanopsis amurensis

Herba Euphorbiae in Sanskrit

Qing Kang Xi Xu Jinzhai has a poem cloud: “New pottery imitates the former dynasty, mixed into a higher price,”.But the imitation is the imitation after all, always put on the brand of its production era, if we carefully observe, research, it is not difficult to distinguish.

blue-and-white twined vase with sky ball pattern

Blue and white garden for ladies, high-foot bowl

blue-and-white sea water bowl

blue-and-white entangled lotus flower vase

Xuande blue-and-white porcelain has a very important position in the development history of Chinese ceramics” Jingdezhen Ceramics” evaluation of Xuande porcelain: “all the good knowledge, the most expensive blue-and-white. “The book was written in the Qing Dynasty,” the notes of the Southern Kiln “Xuande Qinghua” Xuan kiln, a very elegant and simple, with a thick and simple materials, ink but grave, blue and white has oozing green, iron rust. ”

blue-and-white kiwi dragon pot

blue-and-white sea banana leaf

Ganoderma lucidum grain pomegranate

blue-and-white folded-twig pattern double-ear flat pot

blue-and-white lotus-pattern foot bowl

In the Ming Dynasty, Xuan (Xuande) and Chenghua (Chenghua) were the best two kilns. Xuan Kilns were better than Xuanhua kilns. “Ming Zhang Ying Wen” Qing secret collection “on kiln utensils described” I will Xuanmiao kiln, thin material, hidden orange peel lines, ice-split eel blood lines, several with officials, your kiln enemies. That is, dark flowers, safflower, green flowers, have not been, for a generation of the best. “During the Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty, Zhu Yan’s” Tao said “about Xuande kiln” according to this Ming Xuanyao peak also, select materials, sample making, drawing apparatus, all the items are fine “.

Blue and white diamond-shaped open double phoenix long square furnace with lotus pattern

The cover of a halberd wheel with a blue-and-white blue-and-blue inspection body

blue-and-white Arabica ribbon with ear gourd flat pot

Blue and white, entwined lotus root, eight auspicious patterns bowl

Thus it can be seen that the Qinghua of Xuande Guan Kiln occupies a very important position in the development history of Chinese ceramics. It reflects from one side the social, economic, cultural and artistic ideas of the time.As palace porcelain and fine works of art, it has a unique artistic charm, which has a lot to do with the perfection of the system and the maturity of technology at that time.