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identification of Yongle blue and white porcelain ware-Taibei collection of Yongle Huren dance flat pot should be called Huteng dance flat pot | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

identification of Yongle blue and white porcelain ware-Taibei collection of Yongle Huren dance flat pot should be called Huteng dance flat pot

“Is this silver coin true?””

“What is this green jade I have in my collection?”

“What is the porcelain that Grandpa handed down?”

“Is my blue-and-white story bottle old?”

“Is my purple sand pot old, and what’s its value?”

“Is that picture genuine and worthy of collection?”


Ming-cheng-zu Zhu-di

Ceramic Appraisal Shinjitang:

Now the Qing palace drama popular, the author quite disapproves.Although the Qing Dynasty ruled China for hundreds of years, but in essence for the majority of the Han people, belonging to the aggression and oppression of the era.Yangzhou ten days, Jiading three Tu, leaving the head, word prison.There are countless things like this.The screen is full of slaves, prone to kneeling, people’s dignity and justice has long been cut off.

So when Mr. Sun Yat-sen raised his flag and shouted, “Expel the Tartars and restore China”, he got a deep response.This period of history even if, but today’s entertainment industry often with the Qing palace play as the lead, what “palace plan” “like the Yi biography”, entertainment although good, for a long time, these dolls inevitably put on the flag of other countries, do not understand history, lost the fundamental values, right and wrong view.

There is a saying in the history circle that there is no China after Yashan and no China after Ming Dynasty.Ming dynasty was the last orthodox dynasty in china.Of course, today’s new China is a revival of the Chinese civilization.

When it comes to the Ming Dynasty, it is the Emperor Yongle.

The word “Great” was not a word that any feudal emperor could call.In the west there are Alexander the Great, Caesar the Great, and in China there are only a few Han Wu the Great, Hong Wu the Great, Yongle the Great, Kangxi the Great and so on.

General known as the Great, are both the highest degree of civil and martial arts emperor, to the founding of the monarch is more.

Emperor Yongle’s throne was not ancestral, but his own!This and Tang Taizong Li Shimin have the same skill.But they did not prevent them from becoming outstanding figures in the one emperor for thousands of years.It doesn’t matter who is emperor, but whether he can benefit the people, develop the economy and improve the people’s living and culture.The two men deserve it.

Yongle emperor zhu di, originally the son of zhu yuanzhang, was consigned to the king of yan, resident in peiping.In the first year of Jianwen, Emperor Tai Sun Chu Yun-wen began to cut off the vassal after taking office. Zhu Di rose to revolt. After four years of war, Zhu Di won, and Zhu Yun-wen was nowhere to be found.Zhu Di cancelled the Jianwen Nian and converted Wen into Hong Wu for thirty-five years.Next year will be the first year of Yongle, known as the Emperor Yongle.Temple name Taizong, Jiajing into the ancestor.

A dynasty of Yongle (1403-1424) for 22 years.Yongle years, the Ming Dynasty’s strong state, sustained economic development, known as the Yongle prosperous times.The famous emigration of the capital to Beijing, Zheng He’s trip to the West, the compilation of the “Yongle Dian” and other major events, all took place in these years.

Yongle porcelain, bearing Hongwu, next to Xuande.Ming Wanli 19 years (1591), “things blue beads” record;”Yongle, Xuande in the year of the house burned, so far is expensive. At that time brown-eyed sweet white as usual, to Su Ma separate from the green decoration, to bright red as a treasure.”

Visible bright red, sweet white, Su Ma Li Qing blue and white porcelain is Yongle period porcelain three treasures.Today’s porcelain collectors, more value Yongle blue-and-white porcelain.The collection and research of bright red and sweet white porcelain has not been carried out deeply due to the lack of materials and generational products.

Mingyongle bright red glaze bonnet pot

Yongle blue-and-white porcelain completely changed the Hongwu blue-and-white porcelain color gray failure phenomenon, become bright, faint, fetal glaze in progress.This and at that time three treasure eunuch Zheng He to take back a large number of imports of green rice Sumai left young has a great deal of relations.

“Ming Tai Zong Shi Lu” Yongle four years in October Ding Wei note: “Back into the jade bowl with teeth, not on, the command of the ministry of propriety to give money to return.” The book Zheng said: “I use Chinese porcelain, clean and elegant, very suitable for the heart, do not need this also.” This thing is available in this treasury, but I will not use it. ‘I don’t think so.’

According to the 1989 excavation report of Jingdezhen Ming Dynasty Royal Kiln Factory, sweet and white glazed porcelain in the pre-Yongle strata accounted for more than 98% of all unearthed cultural relics.

Due to his long-term presence in Beiping and contact with the Mongols in Beiyuan, Zhu Yuanzhang changed his father’s preference for red, and he always said that the color preference of Huo Deke Jinde (Yuan for Jinde, Shang Bai, Ming for Huo De, Shang Hong) was as much as that of the Mongols.There is no doubt that sweet and white porcelain was used daily in Yongle’s early court.

Ming Yongle sweet and white glaze thermometer

Yongle dynasty is divided into two stages, nanjing stage and beijing stage.The reason why Yongle moved to Beijing and the Tianzi kept the gate of the country is that,

First Zhu Di killed too much in Nanjing, do not want to stay in the bloodshed of Nanjing City, fear of being assassinated.

The second is that Beijing is the gateway to Yanyun’s sixteen states.Beijing must be heavily defended, or the northern nomadic people, especially the north yuan mongolians can be at any time to swing south, hebei plain no danger to defend, is not the enemy of the northern army.If the emperor himself does not keep Peiping, then it must be stationed with a heavy army, or a King of Yan.So it’s better to move the capital to Beiping, but Zhu Di himself has long been used to living in the north.

When it comes to this, there’s a friend who says, I’m here to see the china. Why do you say that?Wasting my time.

In fact, porcelain is cultural relics, cultural relics are the carrier of history.Why a lot of fictitious goods let collector take medicine, be because these collectors do not know history, do not understand antiquities appraisal.Some people say experts don’t understand, of course!You don’t spend money, and you can’t count on the expert to tell you one twenty-three.That’s all for a fee.

Colorful porcelain, as there is a birth, growth, maturity, aging process.The things that transcend the times are often fictions that go through the drama.Blue and white tank, multicolored hot kettle you haven’t seen understand? Then I really can’t help it.Go ahead and say “Ming-cheng-zu”.

At the beginning of Zhu Di’s reign, he changed Beiping into Beijing and set it up as a line in (the first year of his reign). ), arrange heavy troops.Four years to July: “next May to build Beijing palaces, dispatch Song Li and other wood burning brick. Command Taining Hou Chen Dong Zhi.” Seven years, in the Nu Zhen area, the establishment of Nu Ergan Dushi.

Yongle seven years (1409) February: the imperial north tour, the prince of the state.Construction of Beijing Changling (his own mausoleum), eight years in July Beijing.Back to Nanjing in October.

Seven years under the title Tartar, the various parts of the Tartars.Nine years of dredging will pass through the river,13 years of digging the Qingjiang River, so that the Grand Canal open again.

Yongle Eleventh Year (1413) February: Northern Imperial Tour, from Nanjing, from the Royal Sun.Yongle 14 years (1416) August: as the Western Palace in Beijing.September: The Emperor returned to Nanjing.November: Reconsideration of the building of the Beijing Palace.

Yongle 15 years (1417) april: the west palace in beijing.May: The emperor to Beijing.The royal palace and the new hall are congratulated by the court.

Yongle 18 years (1420) September: Beijing Palace will be completed, Yaoxing in the Ministry of Rites, New Year’s Day next year to Beijing as a teacher, go in the name of the line, set up six, and take the Nanjing Department printed to Beijing Yamen.

Yongle 19 years (1421) the new moon: the temple of Emperor Yi Tai five temple god master,. . .The emperor was congratulated on Fengtian Temple and feasted on all the officials.Zheng He was ordered to restore the West.

From the Yongle three years, Zhu Di sent three treasures of the eunuch Zheng He led the fleet seven times to the Western Ocean, the history of more than 30 countries, became a grand event in the early Ming Dynasty.

After Emperor Yongle ascended the throne, he spent little time in Nanjing and most of his time in the north.Finally died on the way back to the division of the Northern Expedition.Most of Yongle blue-and-white porcelain artifacts no money, only see four Yongle blue-and-white pressure cup four have Yongle four-character seal book.Sweet white and bright red glazed porcelain artifacts see a dark-cut four-character seal book.The author studies that the Yongle Year is a commemorative porcelain produced for Yongle’s relocation of the capital, so it is rare to survive in the world.Interested friends can go to the headlines.

Mingxuande blue-and-white flat pot with dragon pattern

Other articles have written a lot about Su’s hair color characteristics.In this case, there will be no further description.The biggest difference between Yongle blue-and-white porcelain and Xuande blue-and-white porcelain:

One is that Yongle has no money, while Xuande has many.

The second is that Xuande porcelain usually has orange peel pattern, and Yongle porcelain no orange peel pattern.

The third is that Yongle white glaze is very delicate, Xuande white glaze is more green, white less.The same goes for blue-and-white porcelain.

Four is the subtle difference between the pattern and the shape of the instrument.Yongle no one, Xuande many women.It means that there was no figure painting porcelain in Yongle Dynasty. Most of the figures in Xuande Dynasty were ladies.

Five is that all Yongle blue and white are Su Ma Liqing painting, Xuande period began to use a large number of domestic green and mixed green materials.

But there are exceptions to everything, as is the Huren dance pot in the Palace Museum in Taipei.

Ming Yongle blue-and-white figure flat pot

Height 29.7 cm, caliber 3.6 cm, foot length 12.0 cm, foot width 8.0 cm, small round mouth, thin straight neck, shoulder, flat round abdomen, ellipse feet, flat slightly concave, neck with double Ruyi arcuate ears.Neck painting banana leaf pattern a week, up and down decorated with blue line seven roads, shoulder and bottom side of each painting cover lotus leaf pattern a week, the belly of the main line is painted landscape landscape landscape, one side three people, one side two people, each holding musical instruments, singing and dancing in the meantime;The face of the Yue people, the dress are all different races.This is an account of the Imperial Palace in Taipei.

In fact, this cultural relic should be named Ming Yongle Green Huteng dance flat pot or Yongle Green Huteng dance treasure moon bottle.

Huteng dance is a kind of man’s solo dance which was introduced into Central Plains from the Western Regions. It was popular from the Northern Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty.Tang Dynasty Li Duan “Hu Tenger” poem: “Huteng body is Liangzhou son, skin such as jade nose such as cone. Tongbu light shirt before and after roll, grape long belt side hanging.”

the first-class cultural relics of the statue of “Huteng Dance” in Gansu’s collection

This Hu Teng dance decoration, the earliest from the Northern Qi period of pottery and porcelain.The following figure is the author’s collection of Hutengwu flat pot.It may be that there is a lack of western cultural relics researchers in the Forbidden City in Taipei, so it is named Hu people’s flat pot for music and dance.

The “Huteng dance” originated from the stone state of the Central Asian “Tokkuz Oguz” (among which “Oguz” was the name of the Turkic at the time).From the western region into the Central Plains, is a man’s solo dance, popular in the Tang Dynasty, popular for a time.Dancers wear pointed hats, narrow-sleeved hoodies, waist straps and boots.The dance is dominated by leaps and bounds.

“Weaving into the top of the bonnets and wearing small sleeves,” such dances are still being performed in central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, as well as in China’s Xinjiang region.

Yongle four years, the establishment of Hami Wei, and many times after the dispatch of the Department of the Ministry of Civil Affairs outside the seal, Lang Chen Cheng, the official Li Da and other officials to the western region, and the western region of the Tiemuer Empire, Turpan, the loss of Ras, I was permitted, Huoteng dance, such as the friendship between countries, this blue-and-white porcelain pot, Should be the evidence that reflects this period of history.

This flat pot: “Blue and white flowers thick, many with brown-green and iron brown spot, spot micro-depression.White glaze is green, ear glaze is clear lake green.The embryo bone is uniform and light, the quality is firm and exquisite, the embryo glaze line shows light orange color.The introduction to the Palace Museum in Taipei has revealed the secret to identifying Yongle’s blue-and-white porcelain.Those who are bound to read it may read it carefully.

The vase holding the moon was a kind of porcelain in Qing Dynasty.Also known as” treasure moon bottle. “Small mouth, straight neck, neck side double ears, because bottle abdomen looks like full moon, hence name.Its shape originated from the early Song and Yuan Dynasties popular in the Western Xia pottery hanging bottle, left and right double system, used to hang on the side of the saddle, that is, flat pot of the Qing Dynasty reputation.The name did not appear during the Qianlong period, when similar bottles were called

A flat pot.The earliest appeared in the Xuantong period of the late Qing Dynasty, “Chunzi account.”At present, for the Yongxuan period of similar objects are known as the moon bottle or holding bottle, has been established by convention.

Yongle blue-and-white porcelain identification, look at the collection of large museums, remember.Remembering the essence of embryo glaze, Su Ma Li Qing painting, a kind of royal style.Instruments that have never appeared in the museum’s collection are mostly artifacts.Apparatus similar to the collection can be identified in accordance with the method of this article.

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