Genuine and false identification of Yuanqing flower

[Abstract]: As a wonderful flower in Chinese ceramic craftsmanship, it is a combination of elegance and beauty. With its heroic spirit and original spirit of art, it leaves a deep shock to posterity.The ancients praised it: “white glaze blue and white flowers a fire, flowers clear from the glaze. Can be considered to create a congenital beauty, non-extreme origin from tai chi sheng.”It is an important milestone in the history of Chinese ceramics.

Yuan blue-and-white porcelain
One of the great inventions of ancient China, it was the brainchild of our ancestors.As a wonderful flower in Chinese ceramic craftsmanship, Yuanqing flower, with its heroic spirit and original artistic spirit, leaves a deep shock to posterity.The ancients praised it: “white glaze into a fire, flowers from the glaze clear. Can be considered to create a congenital beauty, inexhaustible origin of tai chi born.”It is an important milestone in the history of Chinese ceramics.
Recently, the director of the Cultural Relics Bureau in Gaoan City, Jiangxi Province, Liu Jincheng, curator of the Yuan Qinghua Museum in Gaoan, accepted an interview with a reporter from the China Heritage Network to introduce the historical origin of Yuan Qinghua.
According to Liu curator, Yuanqinghua is a kind of under-glaze painted porcelain, which takes cobalt oxide as the color agent, draws patterns on the embryo, after covering the glaze, high-temperature firing, and the effect of objects showing white ground blue flowers or blue bottom white flowers, mainly divided into the following stages of development.
The transitional period (Tang, Song):
The glaze color, shape and decoration of Changsha kiln in Tang Dynasty greatly promoted the maturity of Yuanqing Flower.Changsha kiln is the most common green glaze color, although the tone depth is different, but it is helpful to the Yuan Qinghua green verdant glaze of the mature.In the Tang Dynasty, Changsha kiln utensils some shapes, decoration has shown with Islam relations, painted porcelain is famous.Some color painting has begun to be carried out under the glaze, under-glaze color gradually form a scale, for the development of Yuan Qinghua under-glaze painted porcelain laid the foundation.
Song Shi, glaze color is the pursuit of natural attributes of the color, attention to “rain over the sky blue cloud break”, “to win thousands of peak emerald” of the cyan, in the aesthetic and a step away from the Yuan Qing Hua.The establishment of the Southern Song Dynasty, Cizhou kiln, Jun kiln and a large number of northern kiln workers came to Jingdezhen, northern craftsmen painting ability is relatively high, they bring skilled painting skills and advanced glaze formula.Conditions for development are gradually maturing.

Yuan blue-and-white porcelain
Peak period (Yuan):
In 1206, Genghis Khan established Mongolia, and then gradually unified the country and played in Central Europe, making the Yuan Dynasty’s territory the largest in Chinese history, across the Eurasian continent, which will inevitably lead to large-scale cross-cultural exchanges and collisions.Therefore, Mongolian culture, Islamic culture and Han traditional culture influenced the development of Chinese arts and crafts.
The Yuan Qing-hua changed the style of the traditional porcelain with implicit and introverted style, which gave a simple pleasure with bright visual effect.With its air heroic spirit and artistic original spirit, the blue and white painting art to the peak.It has opened up a new era of transition from plain porcelain to colored porcelain. It is rich, vigorous, unrestrained, and has a wide range of painting levels. It is quite different from the traditional aesthetic taste of the Chinese nation. It is really a wonderful flower in the history of Chinese ceramics, and it has also established the dominant position of blue and white porcelain in porcelain.Its strong artistic status has never been shaken by any porcelain varieties, from ancient to modern Chinese art circles, have had a far-reaching impact.
The period of development (Ming and Qing):
In Ming Dynasty ceramics, the status of blue and white is still prominent.Qinghua from the Hongwu era, is an important product of the Guanyao, Hongwu Qinghua and Yuan Dynasty are more connected.Large-scale artifacts, decorative belt number is less than the Yuan Dynasty, but still more than later generations, patterns because of the lack of technology, color is not dark or light, but blue-and-white porcelain in Yongle, Xuande period appeared in the golden age of development.
Qing Kangxi, the blue-and-white porcelain ushered in the development of the small peak, distinct layers are the characteristics of this period.Although the pattern color only has the blue, but the green material thick and weak is different, sets the pen to have the weight, the color level is rich.After Kangxi, the blue-and-white porcelain has been abated, but its artistic creativity has shrunk.
Gao An Yuan Qing Hua Museum:
Gaoan Yuan Qing Hua Museum is the first museum named after Yuan Qing Hua in the world. It has 19 Yuan Qing Hua collections, ranking the first in the country and the third in the world. It provides valuable reference materials for many experts and scholars to further study Yuan Dynasty blue and white porcelain.