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Appreciation of Qing Dynasty Blue and White Porcelain | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

Appreciation of Qing Dynasty Blue and White Porcelain

Blue and white bamboo and stone flower pot, jade pot, spring vase.

High H 29

Daqing Xianfeng year

Yuhu spring bottle around burning in the Northern Song Dynasty, from the long-necked bottle evolved, according to the word “Yuhu Spring First” named.This product shape plump and elegant, the quality of the fetus is hard, glaze moisture, blue and white hair color gorgeous.The main body of the bottle draws a picture of bamboo and stone plantain. The whole picture is well-structured and well-written. The artistic conception is elegant.The base heart green flower book “big qing xianfeng year” six characters three lines of regular script.

There is a generation of Qing Dynasty, the Imperial Kiln factory in the early Ming Dynasty Yongxuan porcelain more than a copy, this product is this kind of, since the Kangxi burning, and became the Qing Dynasty Imperial Kiln classic varieties, extended to the end of the Qing Dynasty.Due to the influence of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement, the normal firing of Xianfeng official kiln porcelain is only in the first year of Xianfeng (1851) and the second year of Xianfeng (1852).Although the quantity is scarce, the quality of Xianfeng imperial kiln porcelain is not lost to the former dynasty, this product is an example, the level of technology directly after the Qianlong jade pot spring, it is difficult to compare up and down.

Blue and white glaze in red and carmine tangled branch lotus plum vase

High H 24.3

the “Qing Qianlong year”


1. Christie’s Hong Kong Autumn Auction No.507 on 29 September 1992

2. Hong Kong Sotheby’s Fall Auction No.783,5-6 November 1996

The shape of this product is plump and dignified, the fetus can be seen at the exposed place is delicate and white, and the pedicure is also very regular.The bottle is covered with white glaze, the glaze is rich and smooth, the mouth is lined with green flower, the neck and shoulders are decorated with inverted lotus leaf, the abdomen is painted with blue flower, red in glaze is the base of Dorian, after firing, the details are painted with carmine red on the glaze, the lotus heart will be painted, Lotus petals and other details of the performance of the incisive.The shin is painted with blue-and-white flowers and deformed with lotus-leaf patterns.The outer bottom heart with the blue and white book “the big qing dynasty qianlong year” six characters three lines seal book.Compared with the plum vase of the same period, this product has inherited the feature of plump shoulders, while it is more clear and heavy, blue and white hair color and does not faint, point-and-dye unique, quite old-fashioned, green and tangled flowers and leaves description, more complicated than similar composition, quite Western decorative style, Glazed red and carmine collocation is more special flavor, is actually a rare collection of fine goods.

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