Qing Dynasty blue and white porcelain in Guangdong Museum

The exhibition in the museum of guangdong province is divided into four parts: history museum, nature museum, art museum and exhibition hall. The ceramic exhibition of the past dynasties is based on the development of chinese ceramics and is based on the collection of ceramic relics. It shows the history of Chinese ceramics from the Neolithic Age to the Qing Dynasty.Nearly 300 cultural relics have been selected from the collection, which reflects the appearance of ancient Chinese ceramic culture from the aspects of technological progress, the evolution of utensils and foreign trade.This time, we present a general survey of porcelain during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

[/ b]rayon platter with blue and white handle

[/ b]blue-and-white tangled lotus pattern casting

[/ b]Sautéed Lotus Blossom Beans with Green Flower

[/ b]blue-and-white entwined lotus flower bowl

[/ b]blue-and-white tangled-branch lotus-pattern tripod furnace

[/ b]blue-and-white vase with bird-and-flower pattern

[/ b]blue-and-white chrysanthemum stone bowl

[/ b]blue-and-white double dragon covered can

[/ b]blue-and-white butterfly jar

[/ b]TUMEI bottle of Qinghua with Qin visiting friends

[/ b]blue-and-white crease cover can

[/ b]blue-and-white figure pattern jar

[/ b]blue-and-white dragon with twined lotus pattern bowl

[/ b]blue-and-white albino hippocampus jar

[/ b]blue-and-white children’s play picture bowl

[/ b]blue-and-white broom bowl

[/ b]Blue and white cloud dragon pattern chevron cup

[/ b]Braised Plum Plate with Green Blossom

[/ b]blue-and-white flower plate

[/ b]blue-and-white dragons playing sea-grain jars

[/ b]blue-and-white flower-and-bird pattern folding disk

[/ b]blue-and-white dragon plate

[/ b]