Photo and Price of Underglaze Blue-and-White Porcelain

Underglaze blue and white is a kind of underglaze color, is a kind of porcelain glaze decoration, often called “kiln color.”Underglaze color is used as a main decorative means of ceramics, is used to dry on the surface of the various colors painted, and then in addition to the white transparent glaze or other light-colored glaze, through the high temperature of 1,200 to 1,400 degrees Celsius one-time fired from, From its appearance, the appearance is bright and soft, hand feel very lubrication, appear under the glaze blue and white, in the glaze red, under the glaze tricolour and so on many kinds of decorative methods.Underglaze blue-and-white is mainly through the use of cobalt-containing pearlescent materials as colorant, painting on the porcelain tyre, in the cover of a transparent glaze, after high temperature firing into white blue flowers, such as: Yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasty Jingdezhen blue-and-white porcelain is the most successful under-glaze works.

Figure 1: Qi Peicai flowers flowers under the glaze blue-and-white painted porcelain bottle;The transaction price: RMB 253,000;Size: 33.5 cm high;Auction Company: China Jiade International Auction Co., Ltd.;Deal time:2013-11-20.

The characteristics, colors and production methods of underglaze blue and white flowers are special.

The blue-and-white porcelain of Jingdezhen in Ming Dynasty developed to the highest stage, and its blue-and-white porcelain has become your mainstream because of its bright, smooth, clean and bright color.

In Qing Dynasty, Jingdezhen’s blue-and-white porcelain was the best made during Kangxi period. It showed pure sapphire blue, especially gorgeous and, on the whole, it showed more rich layers of blue-and-white porcelain. It was suitable to render Chinese paintings to the point where they had never been before. The development of the Yongzheng and Qianlong period, the blue-and-white porcelain color has not been like the Kangxi period of the sapphire, blue-and-white porcelain burning toward the decline.

Figure 3: Qing Kang Xi under the glaze blue-and-white flower pattern figure figure picture vase;Price: EUR 4,000-6,000;Size: No;Auction Company: German Nago Auction Company;Transaction Time:2018-06-21.

The types of underglaze blue and white flowers and their differences in other underglaze colors:

The variety of green materials is very rich, including Su Ma Li-qing, Equal Green, Stone Green, Hui Qing, Zhejiang Green, pearl material and chemical blue material, and so on, all kinds of green materials origin, color and use of the age have a big difference, is the identification of each dynasty blue and white one of the standards;

Figure 4: The end of the 1970s ten perfect. Glazed under the five-colored lion bowl;The transaction price: RMB 2,530,000;Size:11 cm high;Diameter 35.5 cm;Auction Company: Jingdezhen Huayi Auction Co., Ltd.;Transaction time:2016-10-20.

The distinction with glaze inside red, glaze inside red is mainly with copper oxide as the coloring element, painted on the porcelain tire, after the high-temperature firing, for example: white red;

Fig.5. Decoration of five colored pine crane stationery under glaze in 1970 (special porcelain supply) (two-piece set);The transaction price: RMB 1,150,000;Size:13 cm high;Diameter 11 cm;Auction Company: Beijing Poly International Auction Co., Ltd.;Transaction Time:2016-06-06.在

Under-glaze blue and white development in the Yuan Dynasty Jingdezhen began to burn, but because of its burning difficulty, has been considered by China’s ancient porcelain species, the Ming and Qing dynasties color more gorgeous, drawn out by the dragon, phoenix, twining the flower patterns are very diverse, Brilliant colors were added to the porcelain.

Fig.6: In 1970 ‘s, a multi-colored “red plum” pen holder was made under glaze (porcelain used by Liling’s special chairman);The transaction price: RMB 1,150,000;Size: diameter 9.5 × 11.8 cm;Auction Company: Beijing Poly International Auction Co., Ltd.;Closing time:2018-12-09.Of all the porcelain varieties made in Liling for Chairman Mao Zedong, the pen-holder was the elegant article in the study which the chairman had set up and used all the time before his death. It was the first honor for the chairman to use porcelain, and enjoyed the reputation of the “king of Mao porcelain”. Fine beautiful, fine quality of the fetus, clean white jade, glaze moisture, such as grease.In the picture, a vigorous and straight red plum stands in the wind, its branches and branches are strong, its shape is graceful, the plum blossom is in bud or blooming, the color is pure, the meaning of the painting is elegant, and the taste is very high.The whole tube is flawless, without any defects, quality level, can be called the chairman of the supreme porcelain god.The chairman uses the red plum pencil holder in the porcelain. At present, only one article is displayed in the collection of the Mao Zedong Heritage Museum in Shaoshan and the Liling Ceramics Museum. There are only three known items (including this one) except for the 195 th page of the book “Going into Mao Zedong Heritage Museum” (page 195). “This kind of under-glaze colored plum blossom pen tube is made by Hunan Liling Group Power Ceramics Factory in 1970. It is made by Yi Bingxuan, Liu Yunlai, Li Xiaonian and other collective creations”). Other books and illustrations are not included. It is very rare and precious.

Figure 7:1971 as Liling Quanli porcelain factory under the glaze multicolored “pine eagle picture” bottle;The transaction price: RMB 897,000;Size:50 cm high;Auction Company: Beijing Poly International Auction Co., Ltd.;Closing time:2018-12-09.This bottle hand-drawn blank forming, beautiful and elegant shape, the picture by the old artist group force porcelain factory Sun Gensheng with mineral raw materials carefully drawn, painting exquisite, painting fine, perfect quality, is a rare under-glaze five-color art ceramic treasures.

Figure 8: Three years of Daqing Xuantong Hunan Ceramics Co., Ltd. Underglaze colorful loquat zun;Turnover price: RMB 805,000;Size: 34.5 cm high;Auction Company: Beijing Kuangshi International Auction Co., Ltd.;Transaction Time:2016-06-07.

The shape of this instrument for pipa, dignified and elegant, open, neck, stomach micro-drum, circle foot.Under the glaze color painting decoration, the bottle body whole body luxuriant flower, the pattern is simple and fresh, the beauty is generous.The color of the whole article is bright and warm, but also fresh and soft, flowers layer by layer bloom, texture and veins are very high levels, full of charm, giving people a strong visual beauty, Liling porcelain glaze under the five-colored porcelain, rare.Three years of hunan porcelain industry in xuantong, qing dynasty.