Hubei Museum:18 pieces of collection Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasty blue-and-white porcelain products!| Antiques I’ll take a look

Hubei Museum is also a comprehensive strength of the museum, of course, its features are not porcelain, but because I like porcelain, so specifically 18 collections of Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasty blue and white porcelain for everyone to enjoy!

blue-and-white porcelain vase

Height 36.8, shoulder diameter 20.1, bore 5, bottom diameter 11.6, cover diameter 9.1cm

Qinghua Yao-tai moon-appreciating porcelain Zhong

Height 10.1, aperture 15.5, lap height 4.6, circle foot diameter 4.2 cm

blue-and-white dragon pattern porcelain Zhong

It is 19.3 through height, 10.4 per hour height, 15.6 diameter, 4.1 circle foot diameter, 5.2 height of cover, 16.3cm diameter.

Three sets of porcelain chung, jinzhonggai and silver gilding pallets.

blue-and-white daisy bowl

Qing Yong Zheng (1723-1735),

Height:5, aperture 10.8, bottom diameter: 4.1 cm

double-eared bean with blue-and-white pattern

Qingqianlong (1736-1795),17.5 high,9.5 diameter,12.5 abdominal diameter,8.6 cm bottom diameter

Blue and white lotus pattern jade jug spring vase

Yuan (1271-1368), unearthed in 1984 at Huangmei Shili Village Primary School, is 27.4 high,8 caliber and 7.8 cm bottom diameter.

blue-and-white plum vase with dragon pattern

Yuan (1271-1368), excavated from the tomb of King Ying Jing of Zhongxiang in 2006, is 35.4 high, 5.6 caliber and 11.2cm bottom diameter.

blue-and-white plum vase with dragon pattern

Ming Xuande (1426-1435), transmissible,36 high, caliber 11.3, abdominal diameter 23, basal diameter 15cm

Green Flower December Rings Cup

Qing Dynasty Kangxi (1662-1722), height 4.9, aperture 6.6, bottom diameter 2.7 cm

Qing Hua Sanskrit High Foot Bowl

Qianlong of Qing Dynasty (1736-1795), height 10.6, diameter 10.7, bottom diameter 5.5 cm

blue-and-white lotus flower candlestick

Qianlong (1736-1795), height 13.3, upper disk diameter 4.2, middle disk diameter 9.9, chassis diameter 9.4cm

Qing Hua Sanskrit High Foot Bowl

Qing Jia Qing (1796-1820), height 10.6, aperture 10.7, bottom diameter 5.5 cm

Blue and white flower pattern poetry tea saucer

Qing Jia Qing (1796-1820), height: 2.2, length of mouth 16.1, width of mouth 12.1cm

blue-and-white dragon plate

Qing Kang Xi (1662-1722)3, diameter 16.5, bottom diameter 10.4cm inside the plate through the cloud five claw dragon painting, outside the plate painted a pair of cloud five claw dragon patterns, at the bottom of the “Daqing Kangxi” year.

blue-and-white entwined lotus flower cup

Qing Yongzheng (1723-1735) is 3.5 high, 7.2 diameter, 2.9cm diameter of the bottom of the bowl decorated with five lotus, bowl decorated with four tangled lotus, at the bottom of the “Daqing Yongzheng year” style knowledge.

blue-and-white pencil holder

Pinming Chongzhen (1628-1644) is 17.2 high, 12.4 diameter,11 cm bottom diameter pen tube flat, painted willow, woman with a broom and high earth.

Qing Hua Poems and Poems Cover Bowl

Qing Jia Qing (1796-1820) height 8.5, diameter 10.7, the bottom diameter of 4.8cm bowl inside and outside the mouth edge, near the bottom are decorated with the same blue and white cloud cast decoration, the outer wall blue and white script imperial made poetry.The blue and white flowers are stable and the handwriting is clear.At the bottom there is” Daqing Jiaqing year “section knowledge.

Yuan Qing Hua Si Ai Tu Mei vase

Yuan Dynasty.The tomb of king yingjing of zhongxiang city was excavated in 2006.Height 38.7 cm, diameter 6.4 cm, bottom diameter 13 cm.Mei Ping’s abdomen were painted by Wang Xizhi, Tao Yuanming, Ai Lian Tu, Lin and Jing Ai Mei, He Tu.