Three common patterns of blue-and-white porcelain in Ming Dynasty.| Antiques I’ll take a look


Tomorrow, Qing Hua and Qin pay a visit to Tumei Bottle Palace Museum

Ming Wanli Qinghua four-love characters four-side cover box

The picture plate of love goose with green flower, dragon and phoenix grain in Ming Wanli

Ming Wan Li Yu Yao Qing Hua Si Ai Tu big pot

Ming orthodoxy Qing Hua Sanskrit with Qin visit friends map jar

Yuan Qing Hua Si Ai Tu Mei Ping, Cultural Relics Management Office, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Ming Wanli blue and white, “four love pictures,” cover the bottle

mythological characters

blue-and-white fairy picture tube furnace

Blue and white eight immortals character imprint five-hole water jug

Blue and white fairy birthday figure-of-a-kind octagonal jar

Blue and white eight fairy cloud crane pattern gourd bottle

Jingtai Qinghua Eight Immortals Wishing Birthday Pot

children’s play drawing

Mingwanli blue and white baby play picture round box

Ming Zheng De Qing Hua infant play pattern bowl

Chenghua kiln green flower baby play picture bowl (Jiuzi), Taipei Palace Museum, Tibet

Chenghua kiln blue and white baby play picture bowl (twelve sons), Taipei Palace Museum, Tibet

Yongle-Xuande 16 children’s baby play pattern porcelain bowl (Hong Kong Tianmin Building, Tibet)

Xuande to orthodox period Jingdezhen kiln Qinghua (Changzhou Museum, Jiangsu Province)

Ming Cheng Hua style blue and white game