You’ve seen and never seen: Blue-and-white porcelain of the Yuan Dynasty


Qinghua Siai Tumei vase


blue-and-white vase with dragon pattern

Blue and white peony plum vase with tangled branches

Blue and white “General Mengtian” jade pot

blue-and-white jade vase with dragon grain

blue-and-white vase with bamboo and plum pattern

blue-and-white vase with bamboo and plum patterns

peony pattern pear-shaped grip with folded branches of green flowers

 brocade lotus pear-shaped pot


pear-shaped pot with tangled branches and flowers

 Chrysanthemum morifolium with green flowers and tangled branches

blue-and-white dish with dragon pattern

 Calycanthus davidianus


blue-and-white vase with flower lines

blue-and-white vase with flower lines

Green Flower Plum Ribbon Seat. Net Bottle

Braised Garlic Bottle with Green Flower and Chaenomeles

Braised Garlic Bottle with Minced Plum and Green Flower

blue-and-white peony pattern tower cover bottle

blue-and-white lion button cover furnace

blue-and-white chrysanthemum-pattern Ting-type furnace with seat

blue-and-white mountain pen frame

blue-and-white visual image

 blue-and-white daisy-pattern bird food can

Blue and white baby play bird food can

 small pot with blue and white flower grain

blue-and-white five-claw double-dragon pearl pattern cover

blue and white sea water dragon pattern octagonal band cover

blue-and-white double lion ball pattern octagonal jade

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blue-and-white folded branches and flowers

 Pterocephalus laevigatus

 Pterocephalus laevigatus

 blue-and-white phoenix-striated goblet

Blue and white outer entwined clematis inner phoenix pattern tall foot cup

blue-and-white dragon-shaped goblet

 blue-and-white dragon-shaped goblet

 green flower twining chrysanthemum pattern tall foot cup

 blue-and-white phoenix-striated goblet

 Qinghua Shouzi high-end cup

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Sautéed Shark’s Flap with Lotus in Green Flower

Blue-and-white Lianchi mandarin duck plate

blue-and-white lotus groove plate

blue-and-white deer plate

blue-and-white light-painted dragon plate

blue-and-white bamboos and plums

blue-and-white flower plate

blue-and-white twined plate

 blue-and-white double-reed goose cut through the flower mouth

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blue-and-white peony flat pot with tangled branches

tall bowl with double phoenix lines in blue and white

 blue-and-white lotus-pond mandarin duck bowl

Qing Hua’s characters and tattoos

brocade lotus pattern i

 blue-and-white rabbit pattern Yi

 blue-and-white folded branches and floral patterns

blue-and-white folding flower pattern earbottle

 Qinghua “head green” shangzi

Blue flower, blue ground, white flower, assorted treasure, double phoenix

Blue-and-white blue-and-white flowers with shoulder and phoenix lines

Blue and white banana leaf fruit grain round mouth fold

 Blue and white lotus pond mandarin duck lines round mouth big

 Blue and white lotus pond pattern round mouth big plate

Blue and white peony plum vase with tangled branches

 Blue and white lotus lotus pond mandarin duck pattern bowl

Sautéed Pine and Bamboo Plum with Blue and White

blue-and-white peony pot with tangled branches

blue-and-white peony earjar