Appreciation of Xuande Blue and White Porcelain (2)

Xuande Period of Ming DynastyThe blue-and-white porcelain made by Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Factory.It plays an important role in the development history of Chinese ceramics.It is famous for its simple, elegant shape, brilliant glaze and colorful decoration. Compared with other blue-and-white porcelain in Ming Dynasty, its firing technology reached its highest peak and became one of the famous porcelain products in China, and its achievements were praised as”It’s a wonder that a generation has never seen before“I’m sorry.”Jingdezhen Tao Lu” evaluation Xuande porcelain: “All the best, the most expensive blue and white.”

The book was written in the Qing Dynasty “Nanyao Notes” Xuande Qinghua Xuan kiln” Xuan kiln one kind, extremely elegant and simple, materials have thick and weak, ink but grave, blue and white has oozing green, iron rust. “In the Ming Dynasty, Xuan (Xuande) and Chenghua (Chenghua) were the best two kilns. Xuan Kilns were better than Xuanhua kilns. “Ming Zhang Ying Wen” Qing secret collection “on kiln utensils described” I will Xuanmiao kiln, thin material, hidden orange peel lines, ice-split eel blood lines, several with officials, your kiln enemies. That is, dark flowers, safflower, green flowers, have not been, for a generation of the best. “During the Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty, Zhu Yan’s” Tao said “about Xuande kiln” according to this Ming Xuanyao peak also, select materials, sample making, drawing apparatus, all the items are fine “.

Xuande Blue and White Porcelain Appreciation