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Let’s go!Go to Wuhan Museum to see Qing Dynasty blue-and-white porcelain for export!The white lady there grows” high nose deep eyes”! | china shengjiang blue ande white porcelain/ceramics

Let’s go!Go to Wuhan Museum to see Qing Dynasty blue-and-white porcelain for export!The white lady there grows” high nose deep eyes”!

Blue-and-white porcelain plate painted with the ancient Chinese myth of the “White Snake” story, the characters in the painting is” high nose and deep eyes” like the West.Wuhan Museum “Furong water _ Qing Dynasty Kang Yong period sales blue-and-white porcelain fine products exhibition“In, a piece” Qing Kangxi-Yongzheng White Snake Biography character story fold basin “attracted the audience’s attention.

As early as the 13th-14th century, China’s porcelain sold abroad, Qing Kang Yong period, China’s porcelain trade entered the final glory.This exhibition has displayed 105 pieces (sets) of fine porcelain for export during the Qing-Kang-Yong period.These export-oriented porcelain in the shape, decorative and other aspects of the classical out of a strong “Western style.”

The design of Qing Kang Xi-Yong Zheng Qing Hua White Snake Biography’s characters’ story is simple and clear, and the inner bottom is painted with the characters’ story of “White Snake Biography”.In the picture, the Fa Hai monk holds the hand of dust, blocking Xu Xian’s way, Xu Xian holds a folding fan, Yu Shu Linfeng, the road to stop.And the white lady was carrying a sword, long-sleeved with the wind, want to speak without a word.

Pei Shaofi, head of the Wuhan Museum’s education department, said: “The picture is about a Chinese fairy tale, and the face is about a Western person with a high nose. Maybe foreign buyers couldn’t figure out the story, but the scene will make them think about the oriental mood.”

Pei Shaofi introduced, “export porcelain” is in the domestic kiln mouth production, sold overseas ceramic varieties, in order to meet the needs of overseas markets, in line with the aesthetic habits and customs of foreigners, its shape and decorative patterns often directly absorb foreign cultural factors or foreign art elements, Some products are even made entirely in accordance with the design drawings provided by foreigners.Therefore, the shape and pattern of these porcelain are very rare in domestic products.

“Most of the blue-and-white porcelain on display is not purely Chinese, although some of the individual decorative patterns are entirely Chinese, such as traditional landscape, flowers and birds, but once the patterns are repeated and arranged in a single way, they have a Western flavor. “said Pei.

In addition, some of China’s scenery or character stories are completely placed in the Western-style shape of objects, this is the European businessmen to use China’s porcelain technology, to meet the needs of the domestic special consumer groups, specially agreed to China’s porcelain production system.

Among the exhibits are two “Qing Yong Zheng Qing Hua Xiaoyan Ling Yun, children’s spring shepherd’s milk cup” quite representative.’Westerners often mix milk with tea or coffee,’ says Ms. Pei. ‘This cup is used to hold milk.’It uses the pure western-style shape, and the cup abdomen theme pattern is the Chinese tradition “the child spring pastures” the map and” the young swallow Ling cloud “the map, this in the Chinese traditional culture foreboding” the imperial examination smooth, and the first hope “.

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