Chongzhen blue-and-white porcelain appreciation

Mingchongzhen Qinghua Zhaoxian story tube bottle

This bottle is wide-mouthed, neck-tied, shoulders slightly shrugged, flat-bottomed, slightly concave, without glaze.External application of white glaze, glaze slightly brilliant blue.Don’t undercut the shoulders and feet.

The mouth is decorated with an inverted banana leaf with a blue-and-white painting for a week.Banana leaf pattern is a common decoration in this period. Most of the times of Chongzhen were realistic.

The main body of the bottle is the story of the Qinghua painting, the image of the side of the bridge is like the imperial official hands holding a scroll, officials behind the flag-flagging and the three armed guards, the official coupe in the mountains hidden under a corner of the top, a picture of the layout of the smooth and meticulous.Officials bowed to the man standing face to face, with two buffaloes behind him, who should be farmers.Viewed from the picture, it should be the scene in which the court officials were ordered by the emperor to call men of talent into the court.This bottle draws the technique exquisite and skilled, with the blue and blue flower outline of the mountain stone hard green strength, fills with the thick and weak different blue and white, the contrast is strong;Two buffaloes, big and small, are vigorous and leisurely.As the ideal of many literati and officials in ancient times, “Emperor Tian Shilang and the Late Emperor of Heaven” is also the ideal of the wise and able men and the wise and virtuous men, and it is the ideal of political affairs of Gao Jie.

Ming Chongzhen Qing Hua Gao Tang dream character story design cylinder

This product lip, neck micro-beam, arc abdomen, flat-bottomed micro-concave.At the base of the exposed fetal body can be seen delicate white, dense tight.The outside wall of the cylinder is painted with blue-and-white pictures of the dream characters of the high Tang Dynasty. In the picture, one person is lying on top of several cases, and on the right side there is a child standing waiter.The man’s head flew out of the clouds, for a dream, four of whom stood opposite each other.On the other side of the picture, painting bamboo forest, banana leaves, mountain stone, fine strokes, depicting nature, with elegant blue-and-white hair color, a fairyland in the world.

This product is decorated with a few cases of men lying down and sleep, the head of the dream, women in the dream, and other details can be located in the story as a “high Tang dream.””The Dream of Gao Tang” gives out “Zhaoming Wenxuan” volume 19 “Gaotang Fu”, telling the story of King Xiang of Chu and Song Yu swimming in Yunmeng’s platform, looking at the view of Gao Tang, it has the cloud air, Wang asked why the gas, Song Yu answered for the Chaoyun, and asked why it was Chaoyun, just lead to a section of the dream of Gao Tang.According to Song Yu’s words, the former king (that is, King Huai of Chu) swam in the high Tang Dynasty and slept in the daytime, dreaming of the woman who said that he was a Wushan woman and a guest of the high Tang Dynasty.After Emperor Huai was lucky, he set up a temple called “Chao Yun”.The dream of the high Tang Dynasty was later used as a metaphor for men and women encounter, “Wushan Yunyu” that is the word.

Wang Daokun, a writer of miscellaneous drama in Ming Dynasty, wrote “Daya Tang Yuefu”, which included four stories: “Gao Tang Dream”, “Luo Shui Pai”, “Wuhu You” and “Yuanshan Opera”. He changed his love affair into “Zaju”, which conveyed a kind of elegance and sentiment of the literati at that time.The first volume of this Ya Zang Board’s” Fine Painting and Embroideries” is a dream of Gao Tang, the plot is similar to “Zhaoming Wenxuan”, and the print illustrations are very similar to this product. It is clear that the sleeping man is the King of Chu Huai, and the woman in the dream is the goddess of Wushan.

The story of Wushan Yun-yu painted by this product originated from the print of Zaju, but the characters’ images and clothes are typical of the painting method of Chongzhen period.Due to the limitation of instrument type, the platform of Yunmeng is also represented by pavilion railing.This style theme was adapted in the Ming Dynasty as a drama, and in the late Ming Dynasty painted on porcelain, as a desk play placed in the study, reflecting the elegant taste of the literati at that time.

Mingchongzhen blue-and-white figure pattern lotus seed jar

This pot blue and white hair bright color, the scene painted by many people, verified by the “Bingji asked Niuchuan” story.According to “Han Shu · Bingji Biography” record: Han Xuan Emperor’s prime minister, Bingji once went out to inspect the people’s situation, is met because the emperor went out to clear the road, drive away pedestrians and lead to casualties, Bingji passed by but ignored.The official who was with him was surprised, but he did not dare to ask more questions.Soon after, a farmer was driving a cow through the road. The cow was panting and its tongue was sticking out.Bingji sees this scene, stop a step suddenly, send guard to come up to stop farmer, inquire about original reason.The accompanying officials are very confused about the prime minister’s behavior, a prime minister, to the life of the great event to ignore the sky, but to care about a cow’s asthma, it is not put the cart before the horse?”The casualties are under the jurisdiction of local officials, and I’m the prime minister and I can’t take over. But now, in the spring, the cattle are as hot as the heat of the summer, and this is a sign of an imbalance,” explained Bingji. “The climate is abnormal and it’s a disaster.” As the head of the imperial court, it is my duty to ensure that the country is in good condition and that the people are spared the suffering of natural disasters, and should I not ask?

The theme of “Asthma Tau” has always been highly valued by the imperial court because of its image of a piece of well-known political style.The multi-talented Emperor Xuanzong of the Ming Dynasty wrote a poem, “Teppongji asked for a map”: “For the people have been thin, Yin and Yang Xie Li several people know. Only the side of the table to seek good help, there will be benevolent comfort to think.” The heart of the thirst for wisdom in words.

The characters in this lotus jar have all the elements, but with the change of the times, the scenes and characters of the picture will change slightly, and each painter will add his own imagination and play, but the theme of the picture will not change.

In Shanghai Museum, a picture cylinder of Qinghua landscape figures of Mingchongzhen is also a theme decoration, which can be compared with this one.

Ming chong zhen qinghua character story bottle (a pair)

The mouth of the bottle was slightly curled, with a long neck, round belly, and round feet.Neck with tulips, shoulders with daisies, belly with characters.The bottle body and the base are also decorated with gold plating, which shows a strong Western style.People painting vivid images, painting techniques and styles with typical features of the Chongzhen period, such as the V-shaped grass, multi-level rocks, used to separate the picture of the cloud, stone and a moon in the sky.Such fine works of porcelain at the end of the Ming Dynasty are worth collecting.