A blue-and-white porcelain dug out by the villagers: a treasure of the town hall

In 2005, at Christie’s in London, a collection from the East sold for 230 million renminbi.Called “Yuan Qing Hua Guzi Downhill Cupping Cupping”, the jar set the highest auction record for Chinese porcelain in that year.A conversion of 230 million yuan into gold would be equivalent to two tons of gold, based on the international gold price of the day.

Yuan Qing Hua Gu Zi downhill picture pot

China’s ancient porcelain was known for its fine and expensive workmanship, but the $230 million price tag was still surprising.Why is blue-and-white porcelain so valuable?As the saying goes, rare things are expensive, which is related to the rarefaction degree of the Yuanqing flower.Blue-and-white porcelain in all types of porcelain, the amount of burning has been very small, most of which are the Ming and Qing Dynasty blue-and-white porcelain.According to rough statistics, at present, the world’s stock of more than 300 blue and white flowers, most of which have been the collection of major museums, or the town of treasures, or restrictions on the display, can be seen in its precious degree.It is very rare for people to go around and get an auction.

Yili Museum of Xinjiang

There is also a flat pot of Yuan-Qing-Hua phoenix head hidden in the Yi-Li Museum in Xinjiang, which is called “the treasure of the town museum”.Its pot body is oblate, straight neck small lip mouth, shallow circle foot, base foot hangs very thin protective tire glaze on the sand tire.The embryo bone is white, the enamel is bright and smooth, the white mid-flash blue.The pot to hold the head of the phoenix flow, to roll up the phoenix tail as a handle, phoenix painted on the upper part of the round pot body, double wings hanging to the sides of the pot body, pot body is decorated at the bottom of the peony in full bloom, rich fun.

Pterygius rotundifolius platycladus

Ma Zhong, a resident of Xining Village, Yili, Xinjiang, dug up the flat pot from his own field.In 1999, Ma Zhong’s neighbor’s son wanted to get married. He wanted to build a new house. The neighbor wanted to go to Ma Zhong’s house to use the earth. Ma Zhong naturally agreed happily and helped build a house together.

Surprisingly, Ma Zhong in digging, dig out a porcelain, rinse with water only to find it is a very fine porcelain, as for the specific value, Ma Zhong is naturally do not know.

Platycladus macrocephalus (local)

Before long, Ma Zhong dug up treasure things spread, a lot of cultural relics traffickers came to Ma Zhong’s home to want to buy, some even asked for 200,000, but did not expect Ma Zhong actually chose to refuse, he thought he actually gave so much money, this porcelain must be a treasure.

What happened next made Ma Zhong very upset, the family suddenly met with thieves, and his home’s earthen bag was dug up extensively, Ma Zhong knew that must be the reason for this porcelain, so he called the Xinjiang Local Cultural Relics Bureau, cultural relics experts soon found Ma Zhong, He took out the porcelain he had dug up, the experts confirmed at a glance that it was extremely precious blue-and-white porcelain, and at last Ma Zhong handed it over to the state.In order to thank him for his charity, the Cultural Relics Bureau granted him a special award of 1000 yuan and a certificate of honor.

Yuanqing flower phoenix head flat pot (capital museum)

Later, Ma Zhong dug up Yuan Qing Hua handed over to the state of things on the newspaper, we know that Yuan Qing Hua Feng head flat pot at present only two domestic, for Luanfeng (male and female) each one.First, Feng (male), existing Xinjiang Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture Museum;First for the (female), the existing Beijing Capital Museum.