[Knowledge Hall] A Complete Collection of Traditional Patterns on Chinese Blue and White Porcelain

1. Tai Shi Tai Bao

Solution: lion, mammalian cat.A lion is strong and powerful, with an iguana at his neck.The lion pattern in ancient Chinese craftsmanship is the result of the processing, refining and drawing of the folk entertainers of the past dynasties.Hydrangea is a round ball made of silk imitation hydrangea.Ancient view of hydrangea is auspicious and festive products.According to “Han Shu · Li Yue Zhi”, the Han Dynasty folk popular “lion dance”, two people together as a lion, one holding colored ball to amuse it, up and down somersault, lively and interesting.”The lion rolls the hydrangea” pattern, comes from this.Lion dance is a folk festival activities, and the meaning of disaster blessing.The pattern that consists of hydrangea is also called “hydrangea brocade pattern” and so on.

2. There’s an image in peace

Solution: peace, peace and peace.”Han Book · Wang Mang is handed down”: “The world is peaceful, five grains mature.”Wen Tingyun” Chang ‘an Spring Festival Gala “poem:” The four sides have nothing peaceful year.”Again,” he said, “we’ve had a good harvest.”Hanshu · on the history of food”: “entering the industry, and then went to the Pingping…… three denizens said the peace.”The elephant, the mammal.Body height about 3 meters, long tube-shaped nose, can curl.The incisors are well developed.Elephant life-span is extremely long, can be more than 200 years, is regarded as the animal.Elephant is also a good sight.Treasure bottle, the water purification bottle of legend Guan Shiyin, also known as Guanyin bottle, is filled with holy water, sprinkling can get auspicious.”There is an elephant in peace” is also called ” the scene of peace”.”Describe the river, the sea, and the people, the people and the animals.

3. Sanyang Kaitai

Solution to the problem: sheep, ancient Tongxiang characters, auspicious.Three sheep means” three yang “. Sanyang, the beginning of hexagrams, nine, nine two, nine three, yang and yin decline.Kaitai, Taiga name;The heaven and the earth meet and all things become clear.The meaning that opens Tai namely opens, foreboding to have good luck.”Three Yang Kaitai” pattern, meaning to eliminate all sinful and sinful, auspicious and good luck followed.

4. More than one year in a row

Solution: With firecrackers, folk toys and other symbolic New Year’s Day.”Fish” and “Yu” the same tone, the metaphor of living well-off, to the festival, the family is well-off.This expresses the good desire of the ancient people to pursue a happy and prosperous life every year.In China, whether urban or rural, the habit of portraying this wish as a picture has not yet waned.On New Year’s Day, the family hangs a picture of a child holding a carp, expressing both joy and good luck in the coming year.

5. Be blissful

Solution: He Xian, He Xian, refers to the high monk Han Shan and picked up.Han Shan, a name for Han Shan son, Tang Dynasty monks, according to legend he lives in Fengxian (now Tiantai, Zhejiang) Han Yan, Xi Yin poetry drinking, and Tiantai Guoqing Temple monks picked up as friends.In the eleventh year of the Qing Dynasty, Han Shan, a mountain in the Han Dynasty, was sealed as a holy and holy place. The people of the world called it “He He He Er Xian” or “He He He Er Sheng”.”Box” and “Harmony”, “Homophones, Metonymy” and “Harmony”.In the old days, folk married, happy hanging and united image, take “harmony and harmony” meaning, in order to hope for a happy marriage.

6. Joy falls from the sky

Solve the problem: the wedding spider is” Xi Zi “.a small long-legged spider.”The Book of Early Learning”, “The Book of the Year of Jingchu”, “Qixi, woman… Chen Guans fruit in the court to beg, a net on the melon, it is thought.”Lu Ji,” in the Book of Songs, “[Xi Zi] a long-legged, Jingzhou Hanoi people called the happy mother, this worm to wear clothes, when the guests come, happy also.”People refer to spiders as the lucky light.The falling spider symbolizes” joy from the sky “.

7. It’s all over the house

Solution: goldfish, also known as the “golden crucian carp.”Cyprinidae.An ornamental fish evolved from the crucian carp.There are many kinds.The image of fish as decorative patterns, has long been seen in primitive society on the pottery pot.During the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, there were many fish-shaped jade ornaments and bronzes.Fish is homophonic to Yu. Metaphor is rich and abundant.The theme of New Year’s painting is very happy.”The golden jade is full of hall”, the word wealth is very much.Lao-tzu: “There is no such thing as gold and jade in the hall.””It is also used to speak well of others.”Shi Shuo Xin Yu · Appreciation Reputation”: “Wang Changshi is Lin Gong:” Real long can be said to be a golden house “.

8. Onokichi in the room

Solution: Room, house, room, room.”Poetry · Xiaoya · Si Qian”: “Building room hundred blocks, southwest its household.”Also refers to the family property.”Guoyu · Chu language”: “Shi Ershi and separate their rooms.”I mean my wife’s house.”Li Ji · Qu Li”: “30 Zhuang, there are rooms.”Stone”, homophonic “room” also.The homophonic sounds of “chicken” and “ji”.”The room on the big auspicious”, the implication is that the peace and well-being of the united states, living well-off, good luck.

9. Fushou Wandai

Solution: “The book · Hong Fan” Yun: “Five blessings: one is longevity, two is wealth, three is Kang Ning, four is good virtue, five is life.”Good virtue,” means good virtue;To test one’s life means to end one’s life well.”Five blessings and one’s life” means many blessings and many lives.Also with ten thousand characters and bat composition pattern is called “Fu Shou ten thousand generations”.

10. Heineken

Solution: “Lianke” see “Lianke” problem solution.”Xi De Lian Ke” congratulates repeatedly obtains the examination good result.

11. Three and One

Solution to the problem: ternary, metaphorical “Lianzhong ternary” (see “Lianzhong ternary” problem solution).Using three longans or three yuan treasure metaphor “three yuan.””Three Yuan and three Yuan” means” three Yuan and “first”.This is a lucky gift or a congratulatory speech to the people who participated in the imperial examination.

12. Fukuzeng Keiko

Solving the problem: osmanthus laurel and “expensive” the same pronunciation, Yu Yi “Guizi”.In the old days, Tianzi was considered a blessing.To give birth to boys, neighbors, relatives and friends to congratulate, “Fu Zenggui son,” is the intention of this auspicious map.

13. Joy in front of your eyes

Solution: ancient money, in ancient times with tortoise shell, tooth shell when the currency.After the Shang and Zhou dynasties, the money was cast out of metal.There are gold, silver, copper, copper currency commonly known as copper money.Magpie take a “happy” word, money, “before the” homophonic, “happy in front of the”, happy things in the present also.

14. Happy life and perfect life

Solution: two ancient money, the metaphor of “Shuangquan”.Bat metaphor “blessing”, longevity star, longevity peach means longevity.The composition of the pattern is called “Fushou Shuangquan”.

15. Age of tortoise and crane

Solution: tortoise, “turtle sutra”: “tortoise 1200 years old, the end of the universe.”Crane, crane (see” a qin and a crane “).Legend has it that all tortoises and cranes have a thousand years of life.”Paulownia · to vulgarity”: “Knowing the life of a crane, so that its way (guidance) is introduced to increase the year.”Guo Pu” Fairy Poems: “Ask Mayfly generation, rather know the Year of the Tortoise Crane!”Age of a tortoise and a crane” means a long life.

16. Good luck and good luck

Solution: Fu, refers to Hong Fu, good luck, good luck, good luck.”Han Fei-tzu” read: “All life is a blessing in disguise.”A thousand-character essay” in the words” good fortune and good fortune “, that good and good luck can attract good fortune.Use the bat group to form the pattern, the meaning has the blessing, the blessing and the happiness.

17. To set the case in perfect order

Solution: Qi Mei, “Later Han Book · Liang Hong Biography”: “[Hong] for the person to rent Chong, every return, wife for food, dare not look at in front of the Hong, raise the case.”The case, the tray with the feet.”Mei” and “Mei” are synonymous.The world says husband and wife respect each other is called “raise a case to match an eyebrow”.”Qi Mei Zhu Shou”, a metaphor for husband and wife mutual respect and love, health and longevity.

18. Mandarin Duck Your Son

Solving the problem: mandarin duck, water bird name, beautiful feather color, shape like a duck, but smaller than a duck.The male has fan-shaped feathers on his wings.Male and female are always together.In the old literary and art works, it was often used as a metaphor for husband and wife’s love.”Bird Sutra”: Mandarin duck, leaning toward the evening couple, love its kind.It is said that mandarin ducks swim in pairs, and at night the male and female wings cover their necks. If they are lost, they will never be matched again.Lotus seed, lotus seed, Yu Liangui son.”Yuanyang Guizi” means husband and wife love together to old.

19. Erlong opera beads

Solve the problem: dragon, “say article” 11: “dragon, the length of the scale insect, can be quiet and clear, can be big, can short and long, spring equinox and the sky, autumn equinox and deep.”Pearl,” means the pearl of the night.On the volume of Narrator: “Any pearl has a dragon pearl, which the dragon vomits…”It is said that dragons can rain.People often worship the dragon king in the dry year to pray for rain.After the performance into a “dragon lantern play” folk activities, “two-dragon opera beads” is from the” dragon lantern play “evolution, there are Qingfeng year, auspicious meaning.

20. Shuangfeng Chengxiang

Solution: phoenix, also known as the “phoenix” in the legend of the god bird.Male call “phoenix”, female call “Huang” its shape according to “Er Ya · Shi Niao” Guo Pu note: “Chicken head, snake neck, swallow chin, turtle back, fish tail, five colors, high six feet.”Out of the country of the Eastern Gentlemen, flying all over Kunlun, drinking the mainstay and the weak water of Zhuyu and Mosufeng Cave, there was peace in the world.”There are many legends and stories about the phoenix in ancient times, and the use of traditional New Year paintings and phoenix-themed designs is also common.

21. Long Feng Cheng Xiang

Solving the problem: dragon and phoenix are creatures of legend and imagination.Not only vivid, beautiful, but also give a lot of magic color.Dragon can rain to pray for harvest, symbolize the imperial power.The phoenix is graceful and noble, involving many legends, and has become the embodiment of auspicious happiness in people’s mind.Dragon and phoenix are also used to describe talented people.”Nan Shi · Wang Seng Jian Zhuan”: “In the gate of the Wang family, the superior dragon and phoenix, the inferior tiger leopard.”Long Feng Cheng Xiang” symbol of noble, gorgeous, auspicious, festive.

22. Kierin Shingui

Solution: Kirin, also known as the “Qi Lin”, is an ancient Chinese legend of an animal, with the phoenix, tortoise, dragon known as the “four spirits”, the well live four spirits of the first.”Li Ji · Li Yun” has” unearthed tools car, river out of the horse map, phoenix unicorn, all in the suburbs coconut “(” coconut “with” Shu “, swamp).In China’s numerous folklore, there are not many stories about Kirin, but in the middle of the people’s life, it really shows its unique precious and spiritual.

23. Have a good time

Solution: Badger, mammal, also known as pig badger.Head tip, long kiss, gray body hair.”Badger” and “Huan” are on the same note.Using badgers and magpies to make a symbol of “bliss”, this is a festive term for something very happy.

24. All the way

Solution: heron, water bird name, wing big tail short, neck, legs long, moving in the river or paddy swamp.There are common egrets, herons, and so on.The word “heron” is synonymous with “road”.”Lian” and “Lian” are synonymous.The reed “reed” and “road” harmony.Reeds grow, often a tree into a piece, so homophonic “Lianke” meaning.In the old imperial examination, the continuous examination is called “Lianke”.The picture of heron and lotus and reeds is called “all the way together”, which means that we should try to keep company, be quick, and have a successful career.Also with a heron and bat, the pattern of the birthday star is called “one way lucky star”, wish the person who travels far this go lucky.

25. The ninth cohabitation

Solution: Quail, head and tail baldness.Frontal, head side, chin pale red.Feathers with white markings all over.Chrysanthemum, perennial herb, flower shape, color, autumn flowering.Because of its elegant and high-quality, it is often compared to the “gentleman.”Here borrow “chrysanthemum” and “Ju” homophonic.Nine quail symbolize nine also, and chrysanthemum constitute the pattern “nine cohabitation”, there are nine lions together.”Tang Shu · Xiao You Zhuan Preface” contains: “Zhang Gong Yi,9 times cohabitation, Gao Zong has some business Taishan, Lin Xing’s residence, asked the end of the book,” forbearance “more than 100 words to the right, the son of heaven for the flow of tears, give the silk away.”The posterity uses” nine times cohabitation “.To show the harmony and well-being of the extended family.

26. Go as fast as you can

Qingyun, refers to the high altitude, Sima Xiangru “Zi Xu Fu”: “staggered disputes, on the dry Qingyun.”It is also a metaphor for a high-ranking official.”History · Fan Sui Cai Ze Lie Zhuan”: “Need Jia Dun first say death crime, say:” Jia Buyi Jun can from above the blue cloud “” Qingyun De Lu “Also known as” Straight up Qingyun” analogy career path, Step up.

27. You’re in a good mood

Tang, Meng Jiao, “after the Dengke” poem: “The spring wind meaning horseshoe disease, a day to see all the flowers in Chang ‘an.”When Meng Jiao was young, he didn’t want to be an official. He only wrote poems.Forty-year-old after the examination, two consecutive times did not take, the third time only in the entrance examination Jinshi.A moment of excitement, is to write this” post-college “poetry.Later people use “spring breeze to get the meaning” called Jinshi and the first, also generally refers to the success and profit, self-satisfaction.

28. Samsung high-profile

Samsung, that is, Fu, Lu, longevity Samsung.A mammal of the family Cervidae, having many species, often referring to sika deer in auspicious patterns.The word “deer” is synonymous with the word “lu”.In ancient times, the salary of officials was called salary and wealth.Peach flat, generally refers to the West Queen’s mother’s place where the immortal peach.”Three-star high-profile” means happiness, wealth and longevity.

29. Looking forward to the Gospel

The boy looked up at the flying bat.look forward to; look forward to; look forward to; look forward to; look forward to; look”Looking forward to the gospel,” also known as” blessing from the sky, “expressed hope for good news.

30. Nafu Yingxiang

Happy, blessed, blessed.It was a common greeting used in old times to meet or communicate.”Nafu Yingxiang”, auspicious words, including Hong Fu auspicious came one after another.

31. Reporting for Peace

Firecrackers, according to the Southern and Northern Dynasties Liang Zong purlin “Jingchu year of age,” carried, in ancient times in the festival or festival, with fire bamboo, burst sound, known as” firecrackers”, thought to be able to drive away the ghost.The posterity uses the multi-layer paper to wrap the gunpowder tightly, joins with the medicine thread, ignites to explode.Tang called it “firecrackers.””Firecrackers” refers to the arrival of the New Year,” Firecrackers with a sound to remove the old, Peach Fu everything new.”Paying for peace” means banishing evil and praying for well-being.

32. Good luck and good luck

Elephant, see “universal image renewal” title solution, riding elephant and “auspicious” homophonic.”Good luck and good luck”, happy and auspicious words.As in ancient times, people said each other, “well-being”, each other, “good luck”, pray for family well-being, long-term blessing.”Lucky”, “Vientiane”, “Jiqing”, “Ruyi” and other words for ancient China’s representative eulogizing words.