The Meaning of Suya Blue-and-White Porcelain Patterns and the Experience of Traditional Culture of Blue-and-White Porcelain


Fukuju Mantoyo

Solution: “Book · Hong Fan” Yun: “Five blessings: one is longevity, two is wealth, three is Kangning, four is good virtue, five is life.” You good virtue, meaning good virtue;To test one’s life means to end one’s life well.

“Five blessings and one’s life” means many blessings and many lives.There is also the character of the bat and the composition of the pattern called “Fushou Wandai.”

To be full of gold and jade

Solution: goldfish, also known as the “golden crucian carp.”Cyprinidae.An ornamental fish formed by the evolution of the crucian carp.There are many kinds.The image of fish as decorative patterns, has long been seen in primitive society on the pottery pot.During the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, there were many fish-shaped jade ornaments and bronzes.Fish is homophonic to Yu. Metaphor is rich and abundant.The theme of New Year’s painting is very happy.”The golden jade is full of hall”, the word wealth is very much.”Lao-tzu”: “Jin Yu Tang, Mo Zhi Zhi.” Also used to praise the reputation of learning.”Shi Shuo Xin Yu · Appreciation Reputation”: Wang Changshi is called Lin Gong: “Real long can be said to be a golden hall.”

Xidelenidae, Xidelenko

Solution: “Lianke” see “Lianke” problem solution.”Lianke happy,” that is, congratulated repeatedly to achieve good results in the examination.

The tortoise and the crane are of equal age

Solution: Tortoise, “Turtle Sutra” contains: “Tortoise 1,200 years old, the end of the universe.” Crane, crane (see “a qin a crane” inscriptions).Legend has it that all tortoises and cranes have a thousand years of life.”Baopuzi · to vulgarity”: “Know the longevity of the tortoise crane, so the effect of its Tao (guidance) to increase the year.” Guo Pu “immortal poem”: “borrow mayfly generation, rather know the year of the tortoise crane!” “” Tortoise crane age “means high longevity.

To present a case with equal respect to one’s eyes

Solution: Qi Mei, “Later Han Book · Liang Hong Biography”: “(Hong) for people to rent chong, every return, wife for food, dare not in front of the Hong look at, Liangmei.” “Case”, with the feet of the tray.”Mei” and “Mei” are synonymous.The world says husband and wife respect each other is called “raise a case to match an eyebrow”.”Qi Mei Zhu Shou”, a metaphor for husband and wife mutual respect and love, health and longevity.

Yuanyang Keiko

Solving the problem: mandarin duck, water bird name, beautiful feather color, shape like a duck, but smaller than a duck.The male has fan-shaped feathers on his wings.Male and female are always together.In the old literary and art works, it was often used as a metaphor for husband and wife’s love.”Bird Sutra”: Mandarin duck, leaning toward the evening couple, love its kind.It is said that mandarin ducks swim in pairs, and at night the male and female wings cover their necks. If they are lost, they will never be matched again.Lotus seed, lotus seed, Yu Liangui son.”Yuanyang Guizi” means husband and wife love together to old.

Erlong opera beads

Solve the problem: dragon, “say article” 11: “dragon, the length of scale insect, can be quiet and clear, can be big, can short and long, spring equinox and the sky, autumn equinox and deep.” Pearl, refers to the night pearl, pearl.On the volume of “Narrator”: “Where the beads of the dragon beads, the dragon spit……” Legend of the dragon can rain.People often worship the dragon king in the dry year to pray for rain.After the performance into a “dragon lantern play” folk activities, “two dragon opera beads” from the” dragon lantern play “evolved, there are Qingfeng year, auspicious meaning.

Shuangfeng Chengxiang

Solution: phoenix, also known as the “phoenix” in the legend of the god bird.Male call “Feng”, female call “Huang”, its shape according to “Er Ya · Shi Niao” Guo Pu notes: “Chicken head, snake neck, swallow chin, turtle back, fish tail, five colors, high six feet.” “Out of the Eastern gentleman’s country, soaring all over the sea, over Kunlun, drinking pillars, Zhuyu weak water, Mo Shufeng point, The world is at peace when you see it. “There are many legends and stories about the phoenix in ancient times, and the use of traditional New Year paintings and phoenix-themed designs is also common.

The dragon and the phoenix are in full swing

Solving the problem: dragon and phoenix are creatures of legend and imagination.Not only vivid, beautiful, but also give a lot of magic color.Dragon can rain to pray for harvest, symbolize the imperial power.The phoenix is graceful and noble, involving many legends, and has become the embodiment of auspicious happiness in people’s mind.Dragon and phoenix are also used to describe talented people.”Nan Shi · Wang Seng Jian Zhuan”: “In the gate of the Wang family, the superior dragon and phoenix, the inferior tiger leopard.”

“Long Feng Cheng Xiang” symbol of noble, gorgeous, auspicious, festive.

To bring forth the glory of one’s life

Solution: Kirin, also known as the “Qi Lin”, is an ancient Chinese legend of an animal, with the phoenix, tortoise, dragon known as the “four spirits”, the well live four spirits of the first.

“Li Ji · Li Yun” has” unearthed tools car, river out of the horse map, phoenix unicorn, all in the suburbs coconut “(” coconut “with” Shu “, swamp).In China’s numerous folklore, there are not many stories about Kirin, but in the middle of the people’s life, it really shows its unique precious and spiritual.

To become rich and rich and become old

Solution: octogenarian, long-lived elderly.”octogenarian” and “cat, butterfly” homophonic, homophonic.

“Rich and rich” means long life, healthy and rich.

Hua Feng San Zhu

Solution: Usually with bamboo or Tianzhu harmonic “Zhu” word, with two other auspicious flowers, make up “three” number to express the “three Zhu” meaning.Or because “bamboo” and “Zhu” homophonic.Painting three bamboo can also mean “three wishes”.

In addition, there is a combination of Buddha’s hand, peach and pomegranate “blessing three more” auspicious patterns, but also contain “three wishes” of the Ode,” Buddha “with” peach “with many longevity,” pomegranate “with many descendants, also known as” three more pictures”, the most popular in the Qing Dynasty.

fame and wealth

Solution to the problem:A cock is a cock.Tall and manly in form, manly and manly.Li He’s famous sentence: “When the cock sings, the whole world is white.” The rooster sings, and the light comes.”Gong” and “Gong”, “Ming” and “Names” are synonymous with Gongming.Peony, cock composition pattern is called “fame and wealth”, mean official road Kang Zhuang, rich and expensive press comes.