Ceramics | Appreciation of Pottery and Porcelain in the Palace Museum of Beijing (6) · Liao Jin

Three-color printing of Begonia disk, Liao, 2.5 cm high, aperture 30-17 cm, foot diameter 26-12 cm

Long-disk eight-Qu Begonia type, folding along the wide edge, flat bottom.Intraplate pattern flower, mouth line is roll branch grain, dial center is ground with the water ripple of mold, center line is arranged 3 lotus.The inside of the plate is decorated with yellow, green and white glazes.

Three-color printing plate, Liao, 3cm high, diameter 14.5 cm, foot diameter 8cm
Disk open, mouth edge is 8-petal flower mouth, oblique wall, flat bottom.The inner wall of the disc is embossed with 8 flowers, and the center is embossed with a large flower, with 4 pieces of mushroom leaves.Water ripples are used outside the pattern.Disk yellow, green, white three kinds of color glaze, including white glaze for the ground, the flower and leaf pattern is yellow, green glaze spacing arrangement, outside the plate yellow glaze.
The printing is the main decoration method of the porcelain plate of Liao Dynasty, the pattern decoration is usually raised masculine lines, the subject matter is more common to the flowers, such as peony, lotus, chrysanthemum, also has the imprint water wave swimming fish, phoenix, butterfly and so on.

Three-color printing square disc, Liao, 2cm high, 12cm diameter, 7.5 cm full diameter
Disc square flower mouth, mouth slightly open, flat-bottomed.The four sides of the disk are all decorated with 2 open light, one flower for each opening, flowers on both sides of the symmetrical decoration cirrus pattern.Disk bottom four-corner decorative leaf pattern, the bottom of the center of the pattern printing daisy 1.Disk yellow, green, white three-color glaze, outside the half-glaze.

Three-color fish-shaped pot, Liao,15 cm high,5 cm diameter,7 cm foot diameter
Imitate fish-shaped pot, the shape design ingenious.The middle of the back of the fish is a trumpet-shaped chrysanthemum flaps, one side is a lifting beam, has been damaged.The fish’s beak is a kettle stream.Fish body, fin, fish tail with different glaze decoration and marking different patterns, fish belly decorated with a lotus leaf, lifting the fish body, lotus leaf under the flat solid foot.Full body yellow, green, white three-color glaze.
This pot shape is vivid, the tonal is light elegant, sets the pattern printing, the pile pasting, the carving craft in an integral whole, is the Liao Dynasty porcelain in the fine goods.

Three-color carved heron lotus pattern disc, Liao, 3.1 cm tall, diameter 12.2 cm, foot 7.5 cm
The mouth of the disk is a nine-leaf rhomboid-shaped, flat, shallow wall, circling foot.Under the three-colored glaze in the disk, there are carved heron lotus patterns.The practice is to first use the iron cone on the tire lines, after the green glaze, then on the lotus leaves painted with grape purple glaze, egret and lotus painted yellow glaze.
This disk has smooth and natural lines. The low temperature yellow, green and purple glazes with lead oxide as flux are coordinated, especially the grape purple glaze is very rare in the Liao tricolor, so this plate is an important material data for the study of Liao tricolor.

Yellow glaze pot,36 cm tall, 3.5 cm in diameter, 8.5 cm in foot diameter.
The pot has a straight mouth, a slender neck, a large shoulder, a long round abdomen, and a circular foot.One side is an octagonal kettle stream with a slender, curved flow, with a buckle-like ornament at the root and a long, ribbon-shaped handle at the other side, attached to the neck and shoulder.From the pot mouth to near the foot, the through body decorated with chord lines 6 groups.Apparatus body applied yellow glaze, glaze bright Yingrun.
The pot is the common shape in the Liao Dynasty porcelain, and the shape of this pot is unique, its slender neck, kettle flow and pot handle style unique style, in the Liao Dynasty porcelain is also rare.

Yellow glaze lifting beam pot, height 29 cm, diameter 2.5 cm, foot 7.5 cm

Pot type higher, flat on the bottom of the circle.The top end of the pot is provided with a tube-shaped opening, which is connected with the other side of the shoulder with a chicken-shaped lifting beam, and the tube and the root of the lifting beam are decorated with a raised band.The bottom of the pot is full and the circle is slightly out.Underglaze application of white make-up earth, yellow glaze to the feet.The glaze is bright, and the glaze has fine lines.

Carved pot with white glaze, 32.8 cm high, 8.4 cm in diameter and 8.2 cm in foot diameter.
The pot mouth is slightly open, six-petal fancy mouth, long neck, shoulder side with 45 ° angle inclined out of first-class, long round abdomen, outside the circle foot.
White glazed porcelain is popular in Liao Dynasty and has national characteristics. At present, it has been found that both Longquan Wu Kiln and Chifeng Cylindrical-tile Kiln have been fired.The pot has several shapes in the Liao porcelain: There is the holding pot similar to the Central Plains style;Has the Liao Dynasty characteristic obvious chicken crown pot and so on.This pot is unique to the Liao Dynasty, its elegant shape, mouth, neck, abdomen decorated with different patterns, the mouth is petal-shaped, neck decoration with neat chord spacing, abdomen carved 4 flowers in full bloom.This pot knife strong, smooth and clear lines, for the Liao Dynasty white glaze carved flower pot in the fine.

A single-handle pot with green glaze with a height of 14 cm, a diameter of 4.5 cm and a full diameter of 7.5 cm.
The pot small mouth, the mouth is adduced, the pot is a four-leaf melon ringed shape, one side of the shoulder has a multi-ringed short flow, the other side of the corresponding double rope-like system.On one side of the ampulla is a bamboo-shaped transverse handle with a small button protruding from the end of the handle.The shoulders are decorated with double convex chords, the whole body is marked with fan-shaped lines, the handle is connected with the body of the pot, and the pattern is decorated with spiral patterns, which is very chic.The pot is green glaze, fresh and verdant, bright and lovely.
This pot-shaped, unique decoration, is the early Liao Dynasty porcelain rare treasures.

White glaze carved chicken crown pot, Liao, through height 26.4 cm, foot diameter 7.4 cm
The pot is flat, short-flowing, with a lifting beam on the shoulder and a circle foot.General application of white glaze, two sides of the pot carved leaves.The simple and rough style of this instrument reflects the bold and unrestrained temperament of the nomadic people.
Clover pots were first found in the Liao Dynasty.After the Qidan nationality entered the north and established the Daliao country, the traditional leather bag was changed into porcelain, and the early porcelain pot handle was partly shaped like a chicken’s crown and had a perforated tether, so it was known as a chicken’s crown pot, which retained the characteristics of the daily necessities of nomadic people.Later, perforation gradually evolved into lifting beam, which reflects the new creative spirit of Qidan craftsmen in porcelain-making process.

Yellow glaze gourd holding pot, height 24.8 cm, diameter 2.8 cm, foot 6.7 cm

The pot for gourd-shaped, small lower, upper lip, such as egg-shaped, waist-shaped, round and large lower abdomen, the bottom of the circle foot.The shoulder is decorated with two chords, one side is curved flow, the other side is ring-shaped long handle, the handle is printed on the sun pattern, under the handle is decorated with a milk nail.Full body yellow glaze, near foot tire, foot have 5 branch burn mark, under the glaze apply white make-up soil.

Chifeng kiln white glaze black flower pot, Liao, 38.5 cm high, diameter 19.7 cm, full diameter 15.8 cm
The mouth of the tank is rolled out, short neck, shoulder, round belly and flat bottom.The body is thick and hard, with a layer of white make-up earth, transparent glaze, yellow in glaze white.A week of water ripples were carved between the two strings on the shoulder, and 3 pieces of peony lines were carved on the abdominal theme.
This jar is full and upright, peony pattern is decorated with luxuriant flowers, full of vitality, the flowers and leaves are accompanied by grate pattern.The pattern is painted with black color and forms a black white flower, which is similar to the black flower in Cizhou kiln.

Black glaze flower-picking cylinder, gold,17 cm high, 13.5 cm diameter, 9.5 cm foot diameter
Cylindrical lip mouth, bulging abdomen, circle foot.The outer wall is decorated with black glaze, the shoulder is deformed and the abdomen is twined with flowers.There is no glaze on the outer bottom.
This cylinder shape is thick and full, the black glaze is bright as lacquer, the picking flower technique is skilled, the yellow white ground sets off the black pattern, the contrast is distinct, has the better decoration effect.From its tire glaze characteristics, should be the Jindai Shanxi kiln products.In the past, many Jindai ceramics were assigned to the Song Dynasty for various reasons, so it was considered that Jindai ceramics had no fine works.Since 1949, with the exhumation of a large number of pottery and porcelain in the tombs of the Jin Dynasty, people gradually have a sober understanding of the true face of the ceramics of the Jin Dynasty. The exhumation of material objects in the tombs and the excavated specimens at the kiln sites proved that the fixed kiln in the north, Yaozhou kiln, Jun kiln, Cizhou kiln, Zibo kiln, Datong kiln and Hunyuan kiln at that time, Jiexiu kiln, Changzhi kiln waiting for the Jin Dynasty still continue to burn, products have their own characteristics, and there are no lack of exquisite works.

Yaozhou kiln small pot, gold,13 cm high, diameter 4 cm, foot diameter 6 cm
The ampulla is small mouth, slide shoulder, tympanum, circle foot.On one side of the shoulder is an outer-folded kettle flow, and on the other side is a ribbon-shaped short handle with flat-topped cover.Pot through body decoration two groups of patterns, the shoulder under the cover of the lotus-petal lines, lotus-petal up and down two groups of strings.Abdominal cut money lines, money lines decorated under a string lines.General application of green glaze, yellow glaze in the green.
The pattern is simple and clear, the knife method is sharp, the style is rough, the pattern is clear.The pot body applies the blue glaze, the glaze green in turns yellow.The pattern adorns succinct, for Yao Zhou kiln gold generation typical style.

Yaozhou kiln carved flower “Wuniuhuanyue” grain big bowl, gold, high 7.6 cm, caliber 21.3 cm, foot diameter 6 cm

Bowl open, deep arc wall, circle foot.Green glaze is applied inside and outside the body.In the bowl, a diamond-shaped carved moon hung high in the sky, a buffalo front leg upright, legs bent and kneeling, head raised, slightly open mouth.The carving knife method is smooth and sharp, and the composition is simple and quick.The original name of this pattern “rhinoceros cattle look after the moon”, after the textual research should be “Wu Niuchuan month”.It comes from “the new word”: “today’s buffalo only born between the Yangtze and Huaihe River, it is also called Wu cattle. South of the more heat, and this cow fear heat, see the moon suspected is the day, so see the month is asthma. “The pattern reflects the fear of the Han people under the rule of the Golden People of the North who are deeply afraid of the heavy pressure of life caused by the war.

Yaozhou Yao Wu Niufei Month Ripple Bowl, gold, 7.6 cm high, caliber 21.3 cm, foot diameter 6 cm

The mouth of the bowl, the curved abdominal wall, the circle foot.Apply light blue glaze inside and outside.The bowl interior decoration diamond open light, open outside carved curly twigs and flowers pattern, open light inscribed traditional pattern “Wu Niuqi moon”, a bright moon high hanging sky, a buffalo under the mouth slightly open, front leg upright, hind leg bent knee kneeling, look up at the moon.
This bowl carving knife method is skilled, the pattern is vivid and natural, it is the representative work in the blue glaze carving ware of Yaozhou kiln.

Brown yellow glaze black color bamboo plum vase, height 29.8 cm, diameter 5.5 cm, foot diameter 8 cm
Bottle small mouth out of the edge, short neck, shoulder, abdominal convergence, thin feet.The fetus was pink and covered with a layer of make-up earth.Shoulder and foot with black color painting between the lines of the ripples, the middle part of the bamboo, bamboo leaves with a single stroke, large and varied, simple and vivid.The black color of this bottle is covered with brown and yellow glaze, which shows different artistic effects from the white-ground black ware of Cizhou Kiln.
Meipin in the Song, Jin, Yuan period of the northern Cizhou kiln, Shanxi Jiexiu kiln and many other kilns have been fired, but this brown and yellow glaze painted under the black-colored bamboo bottle is not common.This bottle should be used for wine.

White ground black plum vase, height 46.8 cm, diameter 4 cm, foot 10.3 cm
Bottle mouth, short neck, shoulder slip, upper plump, under the abdomen gradually, wide circle foot.The bottle was adorned with white and black flowers.The shoulder-painted lotus-petal pattern is one week, the abdomen is painted with twine flower pattern, the underbelly is decorated with curly branch pattern one week, each group is decorated with thick and thin lines between and the bottom of the bottle body.The plain base has no glaze.
The composition of this bottle is concise, a few pen, vivid, reflecting the simple and vivid decorative style of Cizhou Kiln.

Cizhou kiln white ground black flower reed wild goose pattern tiger pillow, gold, height 10.7 cm, length 35.6 cm, maximum width 14 cm
The pillow is lying in the shape of a tiger, head to the right.As a pillow, the tiger painted black stripes on the yellow ground to imitate the tiger skin pattern.Tiger back for the waist round pillow, pillow white black color, painting two branches, reeds number stem, water grass swimming duck, flying wild goose in the air, a few pen, the autumn scene of the expression of the artistic conception is thoroughly and vividly.
White ground black flower is the most representative variety of Cizhou kiln in Song, Jin and Yuan dynasties, the decoration effect is similar to traditional Chinese ink and wash painting, its decorative decoration is the subject matter that folk likes to see, such as landscape, flower and bird, character, baby play, animal, poem, poem, song, couplet, warning sentence, etc. The content is rich and vivid.

White ground black flower circus pillow, length 29 cm, width 21.3 cm, height 11.2 cm

The pillow is eight square, the pillow surface is slightly concave in the middle, the whole body white ground black flower is painted.The center of the pillow is painted with a galloping horse. The horse is flying with four hoofs, its tail is cocked, and the saddle stands upside down.The pillow is surrounded by black-and-white depictions of the wide and narrow edges of each week.The side of the pillow is painted with twigs, and the bottom is plain white and glaze-free.
Song, Jin, Yuan Dynasty porcelain pillow variety, variety, variety, mainly used for bedding, but also used for burial.Among them, the porcelain pillow of Cizhou kiln is the most representative, the shape of the pillow is various, various kinds, the decorative content is drawn from the folk life, the decorative technique adopts drawing, carving, printing, marking, drawing, drawing, drawing, engravings, etc. In less than half a foot of the pillow surface, the painting art will be ingeniously applied to porcelain pillow decoration, with a strong style of ink and wash painting.The color of this pillow black and white, contrast is strong, a few pen, the circus performance of the wonderful moment displayed incisively and vividly, full of rich folk life.